Published On: Wed, Oct 6th, 2021

How to Install a Bitcoin Kiosk in Your Business

Crypto ATMs are becoming more and more popular and necessary across the globe as the strength of cryptocurrency grows. Did you know that there are almost 7,000 crypto ATMs in operation around the globe?

If you run a business like a bar or a restaurant then it isn’t abnormal to have a fiat ATM somewhere in your place of business. It allows your customers to take out cash to spend on your goods or services.

Investing in a Bitcoin kiosk is the exact same strategy as investing in a fiat ATM machine because it allows your customers to access the money that they have in their crypto accounts and exchange it for cash.

If you haven’t considered Bitcoin kiosk hosting then you need to reevaluate your options for your business. Luckily you’re in the right place to learn more about how to host a Bitcoin ATM. Continue reading this article for more info.

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How to Host a Bitcoin Kiosk

There are a number of steps that you need to take in order to start having Bitcoin ATM services at your place of business. Following these steps will help you get your Bitcoin ATM installed and running in no time flat.

The process is easy but it takes a bit of money and effort to get it started.

Purchase a Bitcoin ATM

The first step you’ll want to take when you decide to move forward with Bitcoin ATM hosting is finding a reputable seller that has Bitcoin ATMs for sale. There will be a variety of different models for you to choose from so be sure to do your research.

You should aim to get the best mix between features and price possible when purchasing your Bitcoin kiosk. From there, you’ll only have to wait for your new Bitcoin ATM to arrive at your place of business. Once it arrives you can move on to the next step in the process.

Register With Bitcoin Compliance

The next step in the process of setting up your Bitcoin ATM is making sure that it is compliant with all of the right regulations. This is especially important if your business and Bitcoin ATM are located in the United States of America.

You’ll want to start by providing FinCEN with your written Know-Your-Customer programs that ensure the security and safety of your customers’ information. This also ensures that you file all of the required information with the governing bodies that regulate Bitcoin.

Secure a Supply of Bitcoin

Once you’ve received the green light to operate and register your Bitcoin ATM, you’re going to want to secure some Bitcoin for your ATM. Without Bitcoin, your ATM won’t be able to operate.

It is also a smart move after your ATM machine arrives to take time to get familiar with how it works. It is a good idea to take care of getting your Bitcoin wallet set up as this makes funding your ATM a much easier process.

Be sure that all of your keys and passwords are stored in a safe and secure location to eliminate any chance of cyber theft. Once you purchase your Bitcoin ATM you become the sole owner of all passwords and keys that go with it so it is up to you to keep them safe.

Pick the Location for Your Bitcoin Kiosk

After you’ve set up your Bitcoin wallet and made yourself familiar with how your new Bitcoin kiosk works you’ll want to find the perfect location to set it up at.

A good approach to take is to find an area that sees a high volume of foot traffic on a daily basis. You’ll also want to target an area with many shops or restaurants that have long hours of operation to increase the number of transactions.

This is the best way to make the most money off of the Bitcoin kiosk that you’ve purchased and set up.

Handle the Cash

The last step in getting your Bitcoin kiosk up and running is making sure that you manage the cash in the machines. Once you purchase and set up the Bitcoin ATM services it is up to you to get the cash from them and invest that cash into your bank accounts.

Benefits of Bitcoin Kiosk Hosting

Now, onto the reasons for why you should want to invest in a Bitcoin kiosk at your place of business. It is a natural thing to acquire if you already have an ATM. You’ll likely know the benefits that your ATM brings, but imagine being the only business for miles that has a Bitcoin ATM and the foot traffic it will bring you.

Here is a closer look at the reasons that you need to get started with investing in a Bitcoin ATM service for your place of business.

Sets Your Business Apart From the Rest

One of the big advantages that you’ll gain from investing in a Bitcoin kiosk for your business is that it sets your business apart from your neighbors as well as your competitors.

It gives you an advantage over the competition because you’re offering a service that they do not offer. This makes it more likely that your target audience will choose your business over theirs.

This is also important because people that are choosing to use your business for your Bitcoin ATM services are likely to continue coming back. You’ll gain customer loyalty due to the convenience that your business provides Bitcoin users and customers alike.

Do your research to see if other businesses in your area offer Bitcoin ATM services. If no one else does then you have a prime opportunity to grow your wealth by getting a Bitcoin ATM for your business today.

Getting a Bitcoin kiosk for your business will help you make more money and increase the foot traffic that heads to your place of business compared to the other businesses in your area.

Drives More Foot Traffic Through Your Doors

Another great benefit of investing in a Bitcoin kiosk for your business is that it will drive more foot traffic into your business. This means that even if you don’t directly benefit from the Bitcoin ATM, you’ll get more people in your door which increases the odds that they’ll spend money on your goods or services.

The more people that your business attracts through the use of the Bitcoin ATM, the more money that your other business is going to make. This is especially true if you’re the only business for miles that offers a Bitcoin ATM because people will go out of their way to use it.

Be sure to advertise that your business has Bitcoin ATM services both on your social media pages and your website. Using signage on the outside of your business is also a great strategy to let Bitcoin users know that they have access to a Bitcoin ATM at your business.

Doing this will also help you gain access to a new demographic. Not everyone uses Bitcoin, and while it is gaining more traction with each passing month, it will draw consumers into your business that wouldn’t otherwise come through your doors.

This is a valuable resource for you to use in order to continue growing your business while also making an additional income that can get reinvested. You can open other Bitcoin ATMs or even new branches of your business.

Increases Your Revenue

It makes sense that hosting a Bitcoin ATM will lead to an increase in the foot traffic that your business experiences. Each visit to your Bitcoin ATM is the opportunity to make an impression on these visitors.

Most people that come to a shop or a store to use an ATM will often shop around and look at what you’ve got to sell. This will be no different if you invest in a Bitcoin kiosk for your business.

The Bitcoin user will go out of their way to enter your place of business to use your Bitcoin ATM but in order to do so, they’ll need to navigate through everything that you have for sale.

It will also help to draw in visitors that otherwise wouldn’t have an interest in shopping at your business or shop. This opens their eyes to what your business has to offer. You’ll increase the number of sales you get while also growing a loyal customer base.

This also helps to grow your brand because word will spread to other potential customers as well as other Bitcoin users about your business. The more brand awareness that you create, the more business and revenue you’ll see.

Stay Current

It is important for businesses to stay on top of the best technologies in their industry. It would make sense that allowing for the use of the newest forms of currency would be great for your business.

Cryptocurrencies like Ethereum and Bitcoin are gaining more credibility by the day with businesses and investors alike. As the value of these currencies continues to increase, so does the number of people that want to invest in them.

Choosing to invest in a Bitcoin ATM is a smart idea because it will allow your business to take advantage of the rise of cryptocurrency. More people will require the services that a Bitcoin ATM provides when they’re out shopping.

Your business will become a must-stop place for the people that opt to make the switch to cryptocurrency for their main form of currency. Your revenues will continue to grow as the value of cryptocurrency grows.

It will also show your customers that you’re on top of the latest industry trend and willing to embrace changes in the market. You’ll create a much greater appeal of your brand to a wider audience by choosing to invest in Bitcoin ATM services.

Great Marketing Opportunities

Another benefit that you’ll gain when you choose to invest in a Bitcoin kiosk is an invaluable opportunity to market your business and your goods. The business that you purchase or rent your Bitcoin kiosk from will want to advertise that they work with your business and that you have a Bitcoin ATM at your location.

The Bitcoin ATM company that you go through will have a section on their website that is dedicated to helping Bitcoin users locate a Bitcoin ATM near their location. This will lead anyone near your business directly to your doorstep.

The same principle stands for if they choose to use Google in order to find a Bitcoin ATM near them. Your business will show up on the list of places near them that has a Bitcoin ATM they can use.

While Bitcoin is becoming more of a household name, it still isn’t mainstream. Your Bitcoin ATM works to market Bitcoin as well as your business. It leads to consumers building curiosity and educating themselves on this interesting new form of currency.

More Options for You and Your Customers

Getting a Bitcoin ATM is beneficial for you and your customers in that it provides a much greater level of flexibility when it comes to using money. If you have a conventional ATM and a Bitcoin ATM at your business then you can use the money from the Bitcoin ATM to put into the normal ATM.

This gives you an added level of convenience and flexibility that you wouldn’t have without the use of the Bitcoin kiosk. The majority of transactions that your Bitcoin ATM will see are people depositing cash or fiat currency in exchange for Bitcoin.

This leads to a massive influx of cash and creates a great opportunity that you can take advantage of. This will help you avoid those costly handling fees that you’re subject to when you use a bank to refill your business’s ATM machine.

It also gives your customers more flexibility when it comes to how they choose to pay for the goods they purchase at your business. Having Bitcoin ATM services is a situation where everyone involved wins.

Enjoy the Perks of a Bitcoin Kiosk at Your Business

Investing in a Bitcoin kiosk at your business is a no-brainer decision. It is an easy process that will help you increase the revenues of your business and get more traffic into your doors. It is also a valuable marketing tool that will build brand awareness and grow your customer base.

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