Published On: Wed, Jul 20th, 2022

How to Inspire Productivity in a Small-Scale Company

There are many reasons why a business may go under. Workforce, morals, strategy, and customer reach all contribute to a company’s success by establishing nuances that come together collaboratively for a larger focus. These factors cannot be ignored by any small-scale company owner and inspiring productivity needs to be in constant discussion so that the business does not grind to a complete halt.  

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Look After Staff

Well looked after staff make for a well looked after business. It is a simple, yet powerful affirmation. However, many companies small and big fall short when it comes to how they treat their workers. For any business to move forward, they need a reliable team to drive its targets and keep everything running smoothly on the ground. Productivity in this context can only happen when staff members feel like they are valued and that their time counts in the bigger picture. Therefore, it becomes the responsibility of the business to ensure that this happens, or else they risk a major hit to their productivity output and are gambling with drastic consequences. 

Offer Incentive Schemes

Countless opportunities exist for companies to offer their employees some form of incentive regime. Options include:

  • Organized social engagements
  • Days in lieu
  • Childcare support
  • Healthy eating initiatives and exercise info sessions
  • Points and bonus programs for fun and reward
  • Non-performance related bonus schemes 

You can also consider implementing healthcare schemes such as this one from InComm Incentives or a the option to work from home if that is something staff would be interested in/is possible in the line of work.

With motions such as these in place, productivity has been proven to reach better levels as staff feel more motivated to actually do the job they signed up for. It is also a better motivation for people during the initial application process to pursue the role further. A job that has nothing to offer its staff is going to struggle to inspire great levels of efficiency. 

Share Successes and Failures

Ensuring companywide participation in the strategy and trajectory side of things can enable and foster a sense of well-being and togetherness. Lots of companies opt to leave staff out when it comes to the statistic and data side of the business dealings. However, there is value in a more collaborative approach. That is not to say that every minute detail has to be shared and inferred, more the highlights and key components. 

When people have a deeper insight into the cogs and gears of where they are working, they naturally feel more inclined to push things forward. This involvement can inspire a boosted level of engagement, work output, and yes, you guessed it, that all important overarching productivity. 

Learning the ropes of productivity takes time as there are many stages to navigate and understand. Keeping companies up to date with technology, resources and training all contribute positively towards attractive outputs, but the other side of things is equally important. A good business strategy takes a multifaceted approach to find innovative solutions.

Author: Carol Trehearn

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