Published On: Sun, Oct 27th, 2019

How to Improve Your Driving Record and Reduce Your Insurance

Auto insurance can be a cost that just continues to chip away at your savings. If you need it to be more manageable and budget-friendly, then you need to be prepared to negotiate, shop around, and follow all the steps in this guide. 


  • Shop for Auto Insurance 


Introduction deals are great; the issue is that far too often, these companies don’t extend those great deals to their existing customers. Instead, existing customers get higher and higher repayments. A traffic violation, being pulled over when you’re even the slightest amount over the limit, and suddenly your entire plan is through the roof, and your driving record is marked. 

Thankfully, you have options. So long as you are willing to shop around for auto insurance, you are sure to get a great deal. Always shop around when your insurance plan runs out. If you like the company you are with, you might be able to negotiate a great deal by using their competitor’s offers against them. 

  • See if You Can Combine Insurance 


Another way to reduce auto insurance is to combine insurance. Companies that can cover auto and house insurance, for example, often offer a bundle deal to keep you locked in. You’ll pay less for the auto insurance, and, so long as you are happy with the provider to cover you both for your home and your vehicle, you will be all set. 

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  • Fight Traffic Tickets and More Serious Violations 


Traffic violations can result in many infractions and consequences you don’t want to deal with. Having a DUI on your record can make it very expensive to get insurance, which is why you need lawyers from Charleston Law to fight your case so that the issue can either be dropped or reduced. 

This can apply for minor to major violations. You won’t always win, but your chances are best with a lawyer at your side. 


  • Make Use of The Opportunities Available to You 



If there are programs at your insurance provider that are used to help their customers reduce their insurance, then take advantage of them. Some providers will offer a better deal if you went through driving school, for example, rather than just learn on your own. 


  • Learn How to Drive Proactively 


When it comes to actually driving, a great way to keep your insurance low is to make accidents rare. Having accident forgiveness as a perk is great, but it’s only available once before it starts to affect your insurance policy. 

By driving proactively – or, in other words, driving while being prepared for the worst-case scenario – you will be better ready to react to any condition on the road. 


  • Renegotiate Your Auto Insurance 


If it’s been five years since your last accident that bumped up your insurance, negotiate it back down. You made a mistake when you were younger and have since had a great record with driving. You need to be ready to fight for your case. This will be best done after your insurance policy ends and it’s time to either renew or change providers.

Author: Carol Trehearn

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