Published On: Thu, Feb 11th, 2021

How to Grow Your Instagram Account

In this short article, we’re going to talk about the basics of how to grow your Instagram account, including increase both free Instagram followers and likes for your profile. There are two main objectives that you will need to consider when you start using Instagram. They include increasing your following and engagement or promotion.

You may be wondering what Instagram is. Instagram is a free application for iOS devices that allows you to upload any picture from your camera or your computer and share it with your friends. Unlike other social media networks, like Facebook or Twitter, you cannot easily search for people or groups on Instagram. The only way to locate other users is to use the in-built search option which usually results in random users or groups.

photo/ Pete Linforth

Active Users

When using Instagram, you can easily determine the number of active users on the site. The number of active users is displayed next to their profile photo. The more active users you have on Instagram, the better. This is because:

If you are just starting out on the internet marketing scene or you have been online for a while but you lack targeted traffic and engagement, one of the things you can do is to join some social media networks. One of the most popular ones at the moment is Instagram. If you want to target your audience and attract users who are searching for the same thing as you are, you should definitely consider following or adding Instagram users to your network. One of the ways you can do this is by creating Instagram accounts for your business or personal use.

Engage Your Followers 

Now that you have an Instagram account, it’s time to try tailwind. First, try to engage your followers. Engaging means offering them great content. For example, let’s say you are running a fitness business and you have released a few new workout videos that your followers have been wanting. You can announce the videos on your social media page and ask your followers to comment on them. If they like what they see, they will comment on the post and tell their friends.

If your video is interesting but lacks some basic elements, you can add a caption or some added graphics to spice it up a bit. Another way to increase engagement on Instagram is to try tailwind into higher ad revenue. One thing that Instagram users love to do is to compare themselves to other users or to other Instagram pages. You can also run contests to give away free products or services. If your page is well-liked, it will attract hundreds or thousands of people to reach your ad blocks. With good images and short videos, you can continuously get free Instagram likes for your posts.


Another great way to get more engagement is to use the hashtags in your posts. hashtags are used to mark important keywords in your posts so that your followers can instantly begin searching for answers to their questions. There are several Instagram hashtags out there but one that has exploded in recent years is the #instagrampromo. If you take a look at popular hashtags, you will see that they are always being used by users to promote events or specials. As a result, if you are tweeting about a promotion, you may want to include the hashtags. So the next time you write a post, think about how you can include a great way to get more engagement on your Instagram page. You can even use the best Instagram followers app called GetInsta for increasing your Instagram followers and likes.

Final Words

The best thing about hashtags is that you can quickly determine how popular a post is and then make changes to it to make it more engaging. If a post receives a great amount of engagement and then it becomes stale, it can be tweaked to make it more interesting. So as you continue to post on Instagram, think about how you can make changes to your posts to keep them from becoming boring or stale. As a general rule, if you can’t find a reason not to add a hashtag to your posts, then it probably means you should remove it and start over.

Author: Farrukh Khurshed

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