Published On: Sun, Aug 30th, 2020

How to Grow Healthier Hair

One of the first things anyone notices about someone new that they meet other than their face and their clothes is their hair.  The styling, color, and health of a stranger’s hair can say a lot about their personality, how they view themselves, and how they want others to perceive them.  With that in mind, having healthy, vibrant hair can be a great way to make a first impression on someone.  The search for healthier hair can seem confusing, especially if you are used to going to the grocery store or the nearest supermarket and just walking up and down the hair care aisles to find a new product to try.  Oftentimes marketing techniques actually obfuscate ingredients, helpful hair care products are hard to find, and you just end up being more confused.

There are several methods to increasing hair growth and health, including some formulated treatments and some ways that are just small lifestyle adjustments you can make to strengthen your hair.

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Lifestyle that Supports Healthy Hair

Just like everything else in your body, your hair is affected by what you eat.  Certain dietary decisions can lead to your hair being neglected, while others can actually contribute to its growth and health.  For example, here are some easy ways to adapt healthy hair into your daily routine.

  • Get more protein into your diet.  Lean proteins from meat, eggs, or legumes will be a great source of good growth for your hair, because it is primarily made up of proteins.
  • Keep your head cool.  Believe it or not, the more you sweat or the more your hair is exposed to heat from a blow dryer, the sun, or a curling iron, the more brittle and scratchy your hair will be.  Keeping it cool will actually stop the heating process and keep your hair from frying itself or burning accidentally.
  • Eat foods that boost or support collagen production.  Collagen is another key “ingredient” in the makeup of your hair, and foods high in Vitamin C or Vitamin E will actually result in stronger strands of hair.  
  • Avoid sunburn.  The more your hair or scalp are exposed to direct sunlight, the more likely you are to have unhealthy hair or even hair loss.  Covering up your head will actually shield your hair from UV rays that will damage it extensively.
  • Finally, develop a good hair care routine.  From shampoo to conditioner, to the brush you use to care for your hair, to even the ingredients you leave in during the shower, your hair care routine will have a huge impact on the overall health of your hair.  Look for ingredients like coconut oil, argan oil, or aloe to boost your hair’s health.

What About Treated Hair?

Well, honestly treated hair is the hardest to keep healthy, and here’s why.  Treated hair, whether your hair is colored, bleached, or treated with heat or chemicals, is just damaged already.  The keratin cuticles in your hair become damaged during process treatments and your hair is more porous and prone to breakage, damage, or frizz.  So what are you supposed to do if your treated hair appears damaged or unhealthy?  Enter a product called k18 hair pep, a product specifically bio-designed to target damaged hairs, repair the collagen and keratin, and generate new growth.  

How Does it Work?

The science behind peptide hair care that actually works is simple: find the protein responsible for diffusing and creating keratin, then harness its power to create a formula that actually renews damaged cuticles and keratin within your hair to repair the hair to its original elasticity and strength.  

After over a decade of bioscientific research, a formula was found that mapped the entire active keratin genome of hair and a peptide was developed to reconnect the broken keratin chains, restoring bounce, elasticity, and resilience.  At the end of the day, the result is smoother, softer hair with less breakage and more shine.  The results are visible and tangible and will leave you happier about your hair.

In four minutes of work, peptide treatments can have a huge impact on both the external visual beauty of your hair and its internal, molecular health.  Peptide locks hair’s natural amino acids together as they were before your treatment, allowing hair growth to be regenerated.  Your hair is literally strengthened from the inside out.

 In Summary

So is having healthier hair possible, even if you have hair treated by bleach, heat, or color?  Of course! Products like this peptide treatment are actually designed exactly for you.  Growing healthier hair is as easy as a simple treatment either administered by yourself at home or by a salon professional during your next visit!  Your hair will be repaired from the inside out and will have its elasticity, strength, and bounce all restored. 

Author: Jacob Maslow

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