Published On: Mon, Nov 27th, 2017

How to Get More People On Your Instagram Page

If you are running a business then it would be stating the obvious to suggest that you simply must make use of the internet and of social media. One of the best social media channel stop take advantage of for businesses is Instagram. I was chatting to my good friend and social media expert Matthew F Knouff recently about how to really push your Instagram page and grow how many followers you have. Followers are the key to your success on Instagram and if you are looking to grow your list of followers, here are some of the tactics which you need to employ.

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Don’t ever listen to someone who tells you that hashtags are no longer relevant because this really isn’t the case. Hashtags are used by sites such as Instagram to aggregate topics together which people can then find by searching for something which they are interested in. You can capitalize on this and attract more followers o your profile if you can use your hashtags creatively. If you are smart, you can really create a buzz around your business using smart hashtags which helps your profile to be found by other people.


Just because you are a business does not mean that you shouldn’t be actively involved in conversations that are taking place across Instagram. If you want to attract more followers then you should be looking to find others within your niche and comment on their content. You also need to lookout for popular and viral conversations that are taking place and try to add some value to them. These viral conversations are seen by a huge amount of people and if you can add value, you can see more followers coming your way.


Every single piece of content on your page and each piece of content which you put out should be of a very high quality and you should never put anything out that does not meet your standards. when most people follow someone, they will first check out what content they already have and this is your chance to show off what you are and who you are. If you have sub-standard content on your site, don’t expect too many follows.

Pay For Them

If you are prepared to invest some money into your social media dealings then you could buy yourself some Instagram followers directly, or pay for someone to manage your account and build your likes. This could be considered as an investment given that a larger following will bring in more business over the long term and it can also greatly help you to grow your brand.


Make sure that you add your location to every piece of content which you upload on Instagram so that you can easily be found by people looking for things in your area. Geotagging is super easy to do and can bring in followers and clients, perfect for any business.

Author: Anwar Hossain

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