Published On: Fri, Nov 27th, 2020

How to gain more clients and grow your new architecture firm

How do you grow your business amid competition from many other architecture firms and keep it growing?

When it comes to architecture firms, there is plenty of competition out there. On top of this, as the number of architects in the country increases, the competition ramps up even more. You need to develop a rock-solid business development plan for your firm. It will also be necessary to network on social media and get excellent referrals from happy clients.

Business development plan

No matter the size of your new architecture firm, it is essential to have a clear business development plan. This plan will allow you to focus on getting more clients. It will also aid in growing your brand, helping you to cement your standing in the industry, as well as networking with your peers. The following are five business development strategies that will help your architecture firm to grow.


  • Identify the ideal client


In order to identify your ideal client, first examine your recent work to find out which architecture projects best show off your firm’s strengths. Also identify the most profitable and fulfilling projects, which ideally suit your ideals for future growth.

From this, it is then easier to focus your marketing efforts towards the ideal initiatives. For example, if your firm does well in health care buildings, ensure you make good relations within the medical field. This will put your firm’s name on the top of clients’ minds for future projects. If you tend to excel with green building practices – an aspect ideal in these times of climate change – ensure you make the right connections for that type of business.

Image by Borko Manigoda from Pixabay


  • Networking your architecture firm


Networking is vital in growing any business. Ensure you know all the best designers, contractors, builders and agencies to help grow your architecture firm. Ensure you meet any new people within your field, which can provide the services you will need. 

Bear in mind that these people are also looking to grow their businesses. You can network and work together for everyone’s success. Introducing them to your skills, expertise and services will help you attract new business in the future. It also increases the chance that you will use their services in the future, making this a win-win situation on both sides.

When you are ready to start networking, look for any meet-ups, business forums or other associations related to your business type. Get involved in groups, clubs and industry conferences in your area that will help you meet and network with the right people.


  • Utilize social media


Social media is vital these days in sharing, communicating and networking online. It is also ideal for an architecture firm that deals in visual creations that can be shared online. Instagram is a popular choice, where the hashtag #architecture has been used hundreds and thousands of times. Ensure your presence on the social media platform uses that hashtag to attract followers suited to your business.

To start off, post images of your latest commissions and any awards you have won. Ensure you take images of your site visits, your team and more to keep the story alive. The more visible your brand is on social media, the more likely that potential customers will think of you first.


  • Growth through architecture digital marketing


Start a website or blog that will become a go-to site for potential clients to get architecture news and opinions. After you complete a major project, post an in-depth case study to reveal any innovative methods, techniques or new materials you have used for that project. Share with readers exactly how you met your client’s requirements and worked to make their wishes a reality.

The fact you are writing about your own industry and experience will go towards establishing your firm as a key voice on architecture.


  • Get referrals


One of the best methods of attracting new business is via referrals from existing and past clients. Referrals are a powerful way to grow your business as they also grow trust in your architecture firm.

Having that trust behind you from the start allows you to connect with clients, establish their needs and deliver their project. Referrals speed things up because they are a clear sign you have done this before and delivered exactly what your client was looking for.

The best way to encourage referrals is to maintain a good relationship with your clients once the project is done. Besides your past clients, also bring up the subject in your network to attract more referrals. Basically, the more people you are connected with in the industry, the better.

Author: Anne Sewell

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