Published On: Wed, Dec 27th, 2017

How to Finish All Traffic Snarl Ups by Training Better Drivers

Traffic snarl-ups are absolutely the worst. Getting caught in traffic feels like a prison sentence to many motorists. To make it worse, there’s very little the frustrated drivers can possibly do to ease up the traffic. Being stranded in traffic for hours comes at a dear cost to us. There’s a good chance you’ll end up getting late for your all-important client meeting, or you’ll find the grocery stores or pharmacy already closed.

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But one has to wonder: What’s the reason for traffic jams even after building modern roads with up to five lanes and traffic lights to help automate the process?

Reasons for Traffic Jam

One of the main reasons for traffic jams experienced now and then is accidents. An accident disrupts the normal flow of commuters. The longer the police and other rescuers take before clearing the accident scene, the heavier the traffic jam ahead.

Roadworks and other routine maintenance construction work on the roads also bring about congestion on our highways and roads. The drivers are expected to slow down as they approach a road construction scene, and the ensuing rubbernecking causes a traffic jam.

Poor road’s network infrastructure is also to blame for the terrible traffic jams. In many cities and towns, the local roads development authorities failed to plan for the future when they were setting up the grid. As per to research conducted by the Texas Transportation Institute in 1999, over a third of all the major highways in the U.S experienced severe traffic congestion.

Traffic School Near Me

In a bid to reduce accidents that cause endless traffic jams on our roads, the government continues to impose stiffer fines for those caught violating the traffic rules. Enroll yourself at a certified driving school and avoid getting into an accident or worse still, having your driving license revoked for flaunting the traffic rules. Here are some of the poignant question one asks themselves when searching for a verified traffic school near me.

Choosing an Instructor

Your driving instructor plays a definitive role in molding and shaping the kind of driver you’ll end up as. Every time we’re about to start driving without first checking the rearview mirror, we see the disapproving faces of our instructors. That slight fear of being scorned by the instructor puts you on the edge long after you’ve even left his hands.

Standard Tests Ready

You’ll want to go for a veteran instructor over their rookie counterparts. You’re allowed to ask them for referrals so that you can ascertain that the instructors are indeed proficient and genuine. Ask the driving instructor when they last took their Standards Test also known as the Check Test and their results slip. It is in your best interests to do a bit of research and consultations to find out the exact grade of the instructors you’re keen on hiring.

Drive Safely and Save

It is important to remember that the choice of driving school isn’t quite as significant as the instructor you get. Instructors function independent of the driving schools. It’s a prudent idea to compare the rates of different driving instructors before making a final verdict on which professional to keep. Going over the prices by different contractors helps give you a clear picture of the average cost of the driving lessons. What is important, however, is to remind ourselves that the money we are paying to the driving school and the instructors might just save our lives or those of our family members as they commute to and from in their daily lives on our roads.

Author: Anwar Hossain

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