Published On: Wed, Jan 13th, 2021

How to Find Rifles, Ammunition, and Parts During a Shortage

You’re probably aware that the U.S. is experiencing a severe ammunition shortage. According to some ammunition manufacturers, they’ve got waiting lists a couple of years out. Even more frustrating is the fact that certain guns are getting harder to buy at normal prices. For instance, AR-15 sales have skyrocketed since the pandemic began and many gun shops are running out of stock. 

Many shops that stock AR guns are asking high prices. However, you can still find complete AR rifles and accessories, pistols, parts, and accessories from Primary Arms at a reasonable price. Primary Arms is one of the most trusted online gun shops around and has access to some of the top supply lines on the market.

Facebook photo/student posing with rifle at a gun show

What about other rifles? Armalite isn’t the only brand in town. If you’re looking for a rifle, rifle parts, ammunition, or all of the above, these strategies will help you score what you want at a decent price.

  1. Get on email notification lists

Even if you hate marketing emails, now is the time to get on every gun shop’s email list. Find as many online gun shops as you possibly can and check to see if they offer email notifications when a product has been restocked. Find all the products you’re interested in buying and sign up for notifications.

Most ecommerce platforms offer notifications as a standard feature, provided the business keeps the feature activated. 

  1. Call local gun shops and ranges

A local gun shop or shooting range might be able to give you a lead on where to obtain the firearms and ammunition you need. After all, a shooting range needs to have a steady supply of ammunition. They’ll generally purchase at wholesale prices directly, but they talk to a large number of customers throughout the day and they might have some useful leads.

It’s the same with local gun shops. They deal with customers all day long and since everyone is struggling to find ammunition, they might have a lead for you from another customer’s experience.

Don’t be surprised if you need to call multiple shops just to find a lead. You’ve got more competition now than ever before. Guns America reported on stats that show from March to May 2020, there were more than 2.5 million first-time gun buyers. It’s safe to say there are now more gun owners than ever before, and if a majority of gun owners are stockpiling parts and ammunition, you can expect to search for a while.

  1. Email or call online gun shops

You’ll probably run across several online gun shops that don’t offer email notifications when products are back in stock. That’s frustrating, but when you really want something, sometimes you have to take extra steps.

If the gun shop provides a phone number, call them up and ask if there’s a way you can be notified when items come back in stock. If they don’t already have a system going, ask them to connect with their website developer to set up a notifications system on their product pages. Let them know that other gun shops are sending email notifications and be ready to email them an example for reference. 

  1. Post on firearms forums

Start signing up for all of the popular online gun forums like Firearms Talk and the Firearms Forum. If you can find other forums, sign up for those, too. In the appropriate forum, ask if anyone has a lead on whatever it is you need. 

Don’t be surprised if you get more private messages than public responses to your post.

  1. Make a list of gun parts you might need

If Joe Biden is officially declared the president, you need to have gun parts on hand. Biden supports gun legislation that seeks to limit firearms and gun part purchases to one per month. California already passed a similar law in 2019 limiting firearms purchases to one per month. 

If this type of legislation passes at a national level, it will affect everyone. If that legislation limits gun parts purchases to one per month, it could take a person six months to a year to repair one gun using basic parts like springs and pins.

Get your firearms and parts now

The future is uncertain. Get everything you need now and make sure you get some parts. For each firearm you own, create a kit with all the parts most likely to break. For parts that are cheap, you may want to get five or more of each part. You may not need all of them anytime soon, but if parts are hard to come by in the future, they might net you some cash.

Author: Anna Johansson

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  1. […] How to Find Rifles, Ammunition, and Parts During a Shortage – You’re probably aware that the U.S. is experiencing a severe ammunition shortage. According to some ammunition manufacturers, […]

  2. […] How to Find Rifles, Ammunition, and Parts During a Shortage – You’re probably aware that the U.S. is experiencing a severe ammunition shortage. According to some ammunition manufacturers, […]

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