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How to Find an Authentic Cross of St Benedict

Although handmade costume jewelry and vintage pieces are not valueless, it is important not to be conned into thinking you have the real thing. Not only that, but you also do not want to be paying high prices for fakes either. 

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One extremely special piece of jewelry that you will want to ensure is authentic before buying is the Cross of St Benedict. But how can you ensure that the pendant you buy isn’t fake? Keep reading below to find out all about St Benedict, and how to find an authentic St Benedict Cross:

Who is St Benedict?

In the Catholic faith, a saint is a holy figure known for their “heroic sanctity” and who is believed to now be in heaven. Saint Benedict is one of the most popular Christian Heroes of the Catholic Faith

The Story of St Benedict

When St Benedict was young, he studied in Rome but was disappointed by his life there. After he completed his studies, he moved to Enfide, in the Simbruini mountains. A short distance from Enfide was the entrance to a gloomy, narrow valley that penetrated the mountains. One day, while walking in the valley, Benedict met a monk, Romanus of Subiaco, whose monastery was on the mountain above a cliff. The monk told Benedict all about his life, and he gave him his habit. This conversation led to Benedict becoming a hermit for three years, living in a cave above a lake.

After this experience, Benedict became a man of God, so much so that when the abbot died in a nearby monastery, Benedict was asked to become its abbot. Benedict understood all about the life and discipline of the monastery, but he knew that their manners differed from his. Despite this, he agreed to become the abbot. 

Unfortunately, this experiment failed, and the monks tried to poison Benedict. Benedict chose to leave the group and go back to his original life. Once back home, he continued to have problems. A local priest, who was envious of Benedict, tried to poison him with tainted bread. Thankfully, a raven swept in and stole the bread, saving Benedict’s life. 

From this time on, miracles became more frequent. However, so did the problems with the local priest. He even tried to seduce Benedict with prostitutes. Benedict ignored this temptation and instead founded twelve monasteries in the local area. He then went on to open the great Benedictine monastery, which lies on the hilltop between Naples and Rome. 

Benedict’s perseverance and the way he dedicated his life to Christ is the reason so many people today talk about him as one of the best Saints in the Catholic faith. It is also why lots of people like the idea of owning an authentic St Benedict Cross. This cross shows others that the wearer also wishes to dedicate their life to Christ. 

An Authentic St Benedict Cross

It can be extremely difficult to tell an authentic St Benedict Cross from a fake. To stop you from being conned, here is a list of some of the things you can look for to ensure what you are getting is authentic:

  • Documentation and returns policies – almost all authentic pieces of jewelry come with documentation. If you have found a St Benedict Cross and it does not come with a certificate of authenticity, then it is likely to be a fake. Similarly, any legitimate vendor will offer you a period to return the item. 
  • Pricing – if the price sounds too good to be true, then it probably is. While many people believe that low pricing means they are getting a good deal on a product, the reality is that jewelry holds its money well and is very rarely sold below market value. 
  • The gold test – it is fairly easy to tell whether a piece of jewelry is made of gold or not. Not only is gold not magnetic, but it is also malleable too. Furthermore, most gold items come with a stamp that verifies their karat level and authenticity. 

Unfortunately, not all jewelry that is being sold is authentic. Scammers can make a decent amount of money by selling fake jewelry because it is difficult for most people to know what is real and what is not. If you are looking to buy an authentic cross of St Benedict, then make sure you follow our advice above. This will help you to ensure that you get exactly what you are looking for.

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