Published On: Tue, Jun 12th, 2018

How to Film a Video in a Cinematic Way

Filming a video is an excellent way to memorize an event forever. The better it is filmed, a more memorable an event becomes. That is why many camera producers diversify the camera features. They get each time more advanced.

Random people can easily create a good video with a camera. Though, it is better to use a stabilizer as well. You can read a full stabilizer review here to understand better how the gadget works.

How to film cinematic video

A cinematic video is about telling a story. This style of filming was primarily used for weddings. It lets to develop a full video story of a wedding.

Very soon this technique started to be used by every user. Thank the invention of stabilizers, every person can film in a cinematic way today.

There are some tips to film cinematic video:

  • Install professional video camera app. There are many similar apps available online. Having downloaded such an application you will be able to record at the maximum bit rate.
  • Consider luminance level. Each type of camera gets a different level of a luminance. The higher it is, the better a camera is. You have to consider a luminance level because above it a gadget will simply record pure white.
  • Decide for a right lightning. To film a good video story you have to be sure to film in a right time of a day. Lightning is a powerful factor that impacts the cinematic recording. It makes a video different.
  • Choose a right time of a day. If you record in the night, you will have to use additional camera features to keep an image bright enough. Recording cinematic video at night is usually more complicated than recording during a day.
  • Fix a camera well with a stabilizer. If you record with a smartphone you can find many stabilizers producers online. Without a stabilizer, you will never have a smooth image. Use it to enjoy a higher quality of the recording.
  • Put a right focus. Cinematic style recording is about mentioning details. A nice way to underline a beauty of an object is to put a focus on it. It will help to catch attention.
  • Start to record in 2161 pixels. Always record starting with the highest quality possible. After you make the retouches of a film, you can reduce a quality up to 1080 pixels.
  • Use color correction. A good cinematic video always has a color correction. It is easy to make it if you have a good camera. Rights colors help to make a film more interesting and engaging. Use it to individualize your film.

These are main tips to use in order to produce a good cinematic style film. If you use these pieces of advice you will definitely be satisfied with the final result.

To get a right film use not only top quality equipment but also a good stabilizer. It will help you to achieve a wow effect.

Author: Julia Smith

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