Published On: Sat, Aug 4th, 2018

How to Fight Depression Without Medication

Depression is a severe medical condition that requires specialist attention. It can manifest itself in a variety of ways including mood swings, anxiety attacks, eating disorders, insomnia, loss of energy, and suicidal thoughts.

The most common treatment tends to be prescription medication. However, there are many other ways this condition can be treated. It’s perfectly healthy to feel sad now and again, but when your sadness persists, it’s crucial to seek professional help.

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If you don’t want to use prescription medication, here are some of your other options.

Consider the Root Cause of Your Problem

Are you feeling depressed because of something that’s happened in your life? Do you have problems in your relationship or are you unfulfilled at work? Have you got financial problems you don’t know how to deal with? Very often there is a root cause of your depression and being honest with yourself and finding a solution may be all that’s required.  

Exercise Regularly

If you exercise regularly, your body will release happy hormones known as endorphins. These are natural anti-depressants and are sure to lift your mood. You might not feel like a walk or a run when you start, but you’ll be surprised how your mood changes once you’re moving!

Avoid Caffeine

Caffeine reduces serotonin levels, which means your mood is going to drop whether you like it or not.

Consider CBD Oil

Wholesale CBD products are now available in an increasing number of states across the US and people are using them to treat a variety of conditions. One of them is depression.  

Eat Regular Meals

If you skip a meal, your blood sugar levels drop thereby leading to mood swings. If you eat regular meals, your blood sugar levels will be stable.  

Eat a Serotonin-Enhancing Diet

Many of the prescription medicines increase the levels of serotonin in your brain. However, you can do the same by changing your diet and eating certain foods. Foods high in omega-3 fatty acids, healthy fats, and a high protein diet can all boost your serotonin levels naturally.

Increase Your Vitamin D Levels

The sun can have an incredible effect on your mood, and this is because it increases Vitamin D levels. If you’re not fortunate enough to live where the sun is often shining, you can recreate the effect by using a therapeutic light box.


There has been a lot of research about meditation, and it has been shown to have a positive effect on a person’s mood. Find somewhere quiet to sit and contemplate and see how much better you feel.  

Be Yourself

Try to be yourself more often and stop pretending to be someone you’re not. It’s something we can all be guilty of and can often lead to depression.

Finally, Consider Talking to Someone

There are many people you can turn to when you need to talk about your feelings. You may be lucky enough to have a close family member or friend who you can trust to help you work out your feelings. If you don’t have a family member or friend to talk to, then get in touch with a therapist or psychiatrist.

Author: Carol Trehearn

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