Published On: Thu, Jan 2nd, 2020

How to ensure mobile app security in 2020

We can do almost everything online with mobile apps, from anywhere and at any point in time. Right from handling our bank accounts to tracking fitness, mobile apps can offer so much. The development of a mobile application requires to put your blood and soul, and App Development Companies thrive on giving their best. Mobile app development involves a myriad of facets like API connecting software, providing fair value and convenience to users and various servers to deliver data and services. 

Companies should pay special attention to security because behind every activity; there are a bunch of hackers who are keeping an eye on you. Mobile applications are the primary target of malicious activities. Almost 90% of the applications present in the marketplace have loopholes and therefore, their security is at risk. It is often observed that most of the applications developed are prone to security failures as the measures aren’t taken properly. It is considered as a significant disparity by the best app developers.

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Effects of malicious activity on your mobile application

  • Malware inserting into applications through which data, including passcodes and keystrokes, can be stolen.
  • Getting hold of private business assets.
  • Prudent information can be thwarted that travels over the airwaves.
  • Stealing delicate data of customers for conspiracy. 
  • Back end network of a company is at risk.

There are prospects of data and system vulnerability if the proper security of mobile applications is not ensured.

So here are some quick tips  to ensure the security of Mobile Applications

The app development companies aren’t doing enough to secure their apps. There are so many things encompassed in an application and each has an important role. Companies that have applications with concentrated security differentiate from the other present in a competitive and congested marketplace. Protect your assets from every aspect by considering the following tips.

  • Putting authorization and identification measures – This tip is helpful if your application depends on someone else’s API. Being reliable on other’s API means you confide in their code to be protected. Consider providing access to certain parts of your application that are essential. You can also opt for Json tokens readily available. The token can be used for data exchange with encryption and are the best preference for security. OpenID Connect can also be used to provide a cooperation protocol. This way, users will not have to register themselves at each point.
  • Ensure adequate security of your code – Encrypt your codes, and make it tough to be read. You can also try popular gauges like obfuscation and minification. Though they are not plentiful and modern, well-supported algorithms should also be used. Scan your source code for errors. Engineer code should be agile as much as possible and essential things should be kept in mind while adding security. The user experience should not be compromised, so file size, performance, run time memory, battery usage, etc. should be scrutinized. App store approval for app security is easily attained. But such support is not cent percent infallible.
  • Invest in an excellent mobile encryption policy – Ensure File-level is encrypted which  makes sure file-to-file data is protected and it cannot be read even if it is intercepted. Encrypt database to ensure that local data is safe from hackers. Mobile apps developers should ensure that sensitive data such as passwords are not stored on devices. Even if the information is stored, it should be in secure storage. You must note information related to your data’s movement, . Crucial management should be made a priority. Robust algorithms can be contradicted if certificates are made accessible to hackers. 
  • Security of back-end network connections – Consider containerization a process in which separate containers are used to store data and are well-encrypted. Adding extra security is extremely helpful, and connections can be encrypted with Secure Sockets Layer (SSL), Virtual Private Network (VPN), Transport Layer Security (TLS). Network security specialists should be consulted to ensure the security of data. You can also distribute reserves across servers to ensure they are not at a single place. Servers used by an application’s API should be secured enough to prevent unauthorized use. 


Measures can be taken by the application developers to make sure applications are downloaded from devices that are safe enough. Application from reliable sources should be checked thoroughly. With the growing use of mobile, hackers are running behind to extort vital information. Compromisation of app security is the primary factor that gives rise to it. Mobile App Development companies can follow a durable development strategy to make their app secure. Hands-on experience to acknowledge and rectify bugs will make your app safer. Gain customer’s trust by delivering an application that is safe and secure. Make your assets well-protected in the long run. 

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