Published On: Mon, Sep 5th, 2016

How to Diagnose and Prevent Back Pain

No matter whether you suffer from the work-related back pain or it’s a chronic disorder, there are some nice ways to minimize this feeling. You can even get rid of back pain if it’s not too late. Students and those who work in the offices have to be especially attentive when obeying these simple rules.

photo/ Mjorter via wikimedia

photo/ Mjorter via wikimedia

Causes of Back Pain

Back pain is the most frequently experienced pain condition in the United States. Almost 60 million American citizens have had a recent episode of back pain; it is predicted that up to 80% of all population will face this trouble sooner or later. Modern way of life provokes this problem.

Sometimes, sharp back pain may be the consequence of trauma. Often it is caused by such activities as lifting an object, sitting at a computer for a while, bending over to vacuum, and more. Determining the cause of this problem is much more complicated than taking several actions to ease your life.

Diagnosis and Symptoms

Most common sources of low back pain include:

  • The huge nerve roots in the low back might be irritated
  • The smaller nerves in the low back may be annoyed
  • The large paired lower back muscles can be strained
  • The bones or joints may be injured
  • An intervertebral disc may be degenerating

So, when you feel difficulty in moving, muscle spasms, archy and dull pain, or local soreness upon touch, those are the primary symptoms of any back pain. After you diagnose your back pain, it is crucial to start taking measures ASAP.

Tips to Prevent Back Pain

  1. It’s all about physical education. Don’t stop exercising even at work! Sign up for the local gym to move at least 40 minutes per day. Try to walk to your office or school instead of driving a car/bus. Robin Lustig of New Jersey Total Health Center in Lodi and Pompton Plains mentions that muscles have to move all the time. Poor physical shape may lead to regular pain in your back no matter how young or healthy you are. Keeping your weight down is also important – and physical exercises do really help.
  2. Mind the way you sit and sleep. We move when we sit and sleep as well. It’s just important to do it right. For instance, when having a sleep, you can help yourself in a bed by purchasing the most suitable mattress, keeping bed in a good shape, and taking smart sleeping positions.
  3. Choosing the right equipment. As it was mentioned above, selecting a proper mattress for your rest might be a great option. You can discover valuable advices on how to choose it in this article. In fact, you can apply many other tools and equipment to improve the situation with your back. We are speaking about various aerobic exercise equipment as well as supportive tools like shower stools, benches, chairs, or steps. You can learn more about these useful products which were designed not only for disabled people.
  4. Diet once again! Proper nutrition assists in losing weight and stabilizing your overall organism functionality. Maintaining correct eating habits guarantees reduced unnecessary stress on human body. Exclude too much spicy meals or fast food from your daily ration to save your nervous system. Focus on fresh fruits and vegetables, lean meats, and whole grains to avoid back pain.

Many times the back pains persist and the use of a back massager cushion with heat can prove to be beneficial. Seek out help from your doctor to find the right long term solution for your discomfort.

Author: Melissa Burns


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