Published On: Fri, Jul 12th, 2019

How to design a home that impresses guests

It is no secret that the art of impressive home designs have changed dramatically over the years. As we experience new eras, the tastes we have and the expectations of spaces around us evolve as well. In the past, bold home design statements like vibrant colour palettes throughout and then deliberate sharp edged corners and furniture were all the rage. These days, however, the ultimate home design is more minimalistic. However, that is not to say that it is boring by any means. Instead, what it means is that home design today is more calculated, more organic in approach and implementation. So, how does one design a home today to comfort and impress both themselves and their guests?

Why we all love strong home design

Having a home design that both welcomes and impresses guests can be a work of art, but it is also often a challenging goal to accomplish. However, at the core of it all, that is what all of us want; to have a home that is inviting and leaves our guests delighted and impressed. First and foremost, we must love our homes. If we do not, how can we possibly expect anyone else to? We all love a good home design because it makes us feel connected, in control. There is something both calming and exhilarating about walking into a living space and feeling like you belong there. That is the aim of home design.

How to master the art of impressive home design

Impressive home design begins and ends with knowing the cohesive, flowing approach you want to take. While home design can work for individual rooms if it is boxed in, it does not work property-wide when people want to impress. So, choosing and carrying out a cohesive home design approach through all the living spaces of the home has a direct and lasting impact on how the entire home is received by your guests. Start with nailing down the collective approach, and then work on each individual space to help bring out its wow factor, its zing that makes it special.

What impressive home design looks like today

Today, the most impressive home design approach is one that caters to open plan living and natural elements being brought into the living spaces. This means creating and maintaining spaces that have large windows and glass panel door ways, to let in more natural light. Additionally, using organically shaped and coloured features like a driftwood table or a living coral pendant light brings an element of strong impression, of ‘wow’ to the space. Having plants in the rooms to bring an element of natural colour and vibrancy into the rooms makes it feel more relaxing – always an important element when considering how to impress guests. And lastly, open plan living is all about having bigger, flowing spaces, rather than boxed in living spaces that are all divided and not at all flowing from one space to another. Guests will be impressed by homes that incorporate these home design strategies because they feel inviting, exciting, calming, and comfortable.

Author: Ulyati Jaya

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