Published On: Fri, Sep 18th, 2020

How To Declutter Your Office Space

We’ve all heard the saying, a cluttered desk means a cluttered mind. If that is the case what does your desk say about you?

A cold cup of coffee, post-it notes stuck everywhere, piles of paper strewn across the desk?

Wanting to make your desk more organised and and be more productive then read on to find out the top tips to keeping on top of the clutter.

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Start With A Clean Slate

The best way to organise your office space is to start fresh. And the best way to do this?

Epic Office Furniture Sydney advise to look at every item individually and ask truthfully “Do I need this item?” Don’t need it. Bin it. If you do need it then ask “is it right for my space?” if not it might be time to get a replacement to better fit your office space or desk.

Move all of the items you are going to keep away from your desk, just for the meantime.

Now it is time to clean down your desk. Empty the drawers, wipe down the surfaces and remove the rubbish hiding under it.

Once everything has been cleared out, binned and the desk cleaned you can move onto the next step.

Picture Your New Desk

Your desk is now a clean slate. This gives you the chance to imagine exactly how you want it to be with everything is the most efficient place.

Think hard about what you want your desk to look like, and don’t be afraid to be fun and creative with it. If you like to work in a more creative space go for a theme or a colour scheme. Or if you just like efficiency then organise your desk according to just that.

Figure out what you use most regularly and where the best place on your desk would be for that item.

You need to work out what you need to keep, what space you have and where things would be best placed so you can get the job down as efficiently as possible.

And the final step is figuring out what you don’t have but would be super useful. A calendar? A clock? Even more post-it notes?

So once you know what you want and where you want it it’s time to move onto the next step.

Efficiency Is Key

This is where you find the most efficient ways to organise and store everything on your desk. We’re talking document trays, under desk drawers, even pen pots. Whatever you can get that works to organise your things in the least amount of space that still works for you.

Focus on the little things like pens and paper clips and get a desk tidy.

Or get a handle on your paperwork with document trays or under-desk drawers.

Organise your drawers with drawer dividers and make use of every inch of space.

A common culprit of the cluttered desk is cables. They look so messy but you need them all. A nifty DIY trick is to use some large binder clips and clip them to the side of your desk most out of view,, and fed the cables through.

Feel Happy In Your Own Space

The best tip to keep your desk tidy and organised is to make it a place where you are happy to spend a big majority of your day.

If your desk makes you happy and you like how it looks you won’t want things out of place or looking messy.

So think about adding some personal touches like photographs, plants, motivational prints. Anything that motivates you or makes you smile.

We hope these solutions and tips helped and now you can sit down to your desk and be the most productive you can be.

However, if your office space is too small or limited. Or you have important documents you need to store away, at Storage Vault we offer a wide range of flexible storage units.

Author: Aimee McGuiness

Bio: Aimee works with storage unit provider Storage Vault and writes about all things storage and productivity.

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