Published On: Fri, Feb 24th, 2017

How to Create Video Advertisements for Instagram That Work Better

The rollout of Instagram’s 60-second videos for advertisers represents a whole new opportunity for businesses to engage with their target audiences. However, they will need to take care of some vital aspects of video shooting, uploading to make the best of the opportunity and using Instagram marketing tools.

Some useful tips:

Use an Aspect Ratio That Maximizes Your Content Display

When Instagram first launched the video uploading feature in 2013, there was a limitation of 15 seconds. The clips were displayed at 640×640 pixel ratio or 1:1. Now not only can the length of the video be four times longer but you get to choose a 16:9 or 1:1 ratio. Most people tend to think that since the 16:9 is a newer display ratio and all TV content is produced in it, this is also suitable for mobiles. However, the screens of mobile devices are far smaller and you need to occupy the maximum screen space for a better impact. It is better to select a 1:1 ratio, even though the details on the edges may be cropped. Your videos will, however, appear larger and be better able to catch the attention of mobile users rapidly scrolling through their newsfeeds.

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Allow For the Cropping In the Frame

Even though Instagram was specifically designed as an app for mobile users, many advertisers like to exercise more control over their shoot than what is possible with a smartphone camera. They make use of professional-grade video cameras so that the output is sharper and detailed so as to allow better manipulation during the editing process. If you have opted for a 1:1 ratio then you should focus on getting the main focus of the frame right. Make sure that whatever you want your audience to see fits in the part of the frame that will not get cropped.

This essentially means that all important content should be contained within 1080×1080 pixels even when you are shooting on the 1920×1080 format. If the shoot is original, then you should ensure that no important details are located on the sides and if you are selecting stock videos from catalogs, make sure what you want is inside the frame you are going to use.  

Use Text That Is Large and Legible

Because of the huge limitation presented by the screen space and the speed at which users tend to scroll through their feeds, you need to treat advertisements on Instagram just like billboards. Make sure that any text on the device screen can be easily and quickly read because otherwise, viewers will simply skip it. The other important factor to bear in mind is that whatever text is used on the screen, it should stay long enough to be read and understood by viewers.

Use a Soundtrack for Added Punch

All the principles of making normal videos for advertising hold good for Instagram videos too. To add more punch to your video content you should consider using a soundtrack with narrative, dialogues if warranted, and music to heighten the effect of the visuals. Devising a catchy jingle to go along with the video can pay off very well because when done well, the music can resonate in the minds of the viewers and remind them of the visual content that they have seen. If the soundtrack is particularly well executed, it could be a good reason for multiple visits. Music is also very useful is eliciting an emotional response from viewers.

Make the Video As Long As the Subject Warrants

Just because Instagram has allowed you to upload videos of 60 seconds it does not mean that you have to produce your videos of only that length. Sometimes, many things are communicated better if you can keep it brief. Since you do not need to follow conventional radio or TV broadcast standards, you video can be just 37 seconds long if that is what you want. Work on the script so that you can say exactly what is required without repeating yourself. Usually, the shorter the video, the better it is because social media users are always in a hurry and have very small attention spans.


When you are making Instagram advertising videos you need to keep both the requirements of the audience as well as the limitations of the mobile device in mind. This will enable you to make and post videos that are engaging and deliver your advertising message with the greatest impact.

Author bio: Rick Sullivan is a professional advertising filmmaker. Many of his recent projects have been for social media advertisers. He also consults for Instamacro, a leading digital marketing agency. Also to buy real instagram followers visit his site.

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