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How To Create Great Videos for Your Products that can drive sales from YouTube

Do you want to improve your YouTube videos? Would you believe that learning to create a great YouTube video is free and easy? At this time and age, video content is becoming a must for any company. Learning the trick of making good YouTube videos is an essential step in starting your online video business.

First things first, should you be making YouTube videos for your products in 2019? Honestly, there have been lots of panic around the use of YouTube of late. This has got many people wondering if it is worth getting started on YouTube. Well, to state the facts, YouTube has more than one billion users on mobile alone.

Its growth potential is also high, as it hasn’t covered all the potential target audience. This is why many business persons and social media enthusiasts still vouch for its use. The big disadvantage is that with many people boarding this marketing stream, it makes it difficult for your product videos to be noticed.

Nonetheless, worry not as this guide will help you create great videos for your products that drive sales from YouTube, and how to create a YouTube channel for your business.

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  • Plan for the Video


Begin by asking yourself why you are creating the video. Your video can fall under several niches. It can either be educational, engagement or awareness video. Educational videos are meant to teach an idea, concept or skill.

Engagement videos are best if you want to spark some emotional reaction from YouTube viewers in the form of comments, shares or likes. Awareness videos, on the other hand, are the best choice if you want to capture some audience attention.

You should identify what you want to achieve from the video to help you create a more actionable plan of how to go about it. Your plan should factor in all you need to create the video. If you are sceptical on how to plan the video, try answering the following questions.

  • Who is your target audience?
  • What message do you want to pass?
  • Do you have a budget?
  • How many people does the video involve?
  • What is the length of the video?
  • How will the video be shot?
  • Where will the video be shot?
  • Will you be speaking in the video?
  • If yes, will you need a script?
  • If no, what sounds will you need in the video?
  • What equipment are available?
  • Will you edit the video yourself or get an expert?
  • Do you need to include any text?

Your answers above will be the definitive guide to formulating your plan.


  • Prepare the Essential Equipment


With your plan put together, it is time to assemble the essential tools. Based on the video you want to shoot, you will need different types of equipment. Your prepared budget also determines this.

As for bootstrappers with limited budgets, make your spending as minimal as possible. For heavily financed companies, invest in some quality tools that will shoot a quality video.

Nonetheless, to create a video, the following equipment is essential.

  • A camera
  • Microphone
  • Lighting or source of light
  • Storage such as memory cards
  • Editing software


  • Set the Environment


When making the video, you ought to prepare the recording environment. This entails getting the place you will use to record the video ready and look best on camera. For instance, if you are recording something about beauty, choose a spot with some beauty posters or products behind. If you are recording a video that requires you to be flexible, such as cooking tutorials, ensure that you prepare the area as much as possible.


  • Get ready to be on Camera


Standing in front of the camera can be scary. However, you can make the experience pleasant and enjoyable to yourself and the audience. The best way to overcome this is to imagine that you are having a conversation with the camera in front of you. With this in mind, do the same things as you would do in a conversation. Look at the camera directly, smile, be energetic and stick to your topic.

Once you are ready to be on camera, hit record. Regardless of whatever you are recording, there are some things to keep in mind. Of most importance is that you should keep the camera rolling. If you happen to misspeak or make little mistakes, don’t try stressing or starting out everything. Instead, pick up shortly before you made the mistake and redo it without turning the camera off. You can fix the errors later.


  • Edit Your Work


After recording your work, the next step if editing your work. At this stage, clean up any mistakes you made while recording the video as you make your work ready to upload. In this process, put your scenes in order, synchronise your video sound with video actions, remove unnecessary stuff and add intros and outros.

Besides, there are additional things to do such as adding clips or images from external sources, adding some text and subtitles. All you need at this stage is an editing software. This tool can supercharge what you have created, making it a worthy video.

Well, having created your video, how do you get more viewers? Below are some strategies to attract more people to watch your video.

  • Turn viewers into subscribers with a trailer video
  • Openly share important stats to benchmark self
  • Share customer videos about your products to develop a good reputation
  • Answer viewer’s questions as a way of demonstrating knowledge


Currently, the most viral content on social media networks are videos. Similarly, videos ads are increasingly becoming effective for earning clicks and a resultant increase in sales. By following the steps mentioned above correctly, you can be certain of creating a great video that will drive views, increase conversions and boost sales.

The key to success is plan, create a nice environment, relax and record with utmost fun. With your video at hand, tweak your recorded video with the correct editing software. You should then put the strategies mentioned to attract more people into watching your video and subscribe to your YouTube channel.

Author: Tanmay Luniya

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