Published On: Fri, Sep 18th, 2020

How to Create a Positive Office Environment

Offices can easily become uninspiring places to be if not handled correctly. Monotony, lack of motivation, general neglected surroundings, and a negative office culture can easily jeopardize the smooth running of your business, and the health and happiness of your employees. 

Here’s how to ensure that your office is a great place to be. 

Provide Natural Light 

Natural light boosts productivity, mood, and health, and it’s crucial within an office environment due to employees spending long hours in the same seat, in the same room. Even if an eyeline view isn’t possible, additions such as skylights or overhead natural light will still make all the difference. 

Think About Decor 

You need to ensure that your office space is stimulating and pleasant for all employees. Bland or neglected decor is not going to provide a happy office space for employees to work.

Either hire professional decorators, arrange basic decor yourself, or perhaps even turn it into a team effort in which you can ask employees their opinion on color schemes—or even have everyone chip in and decorate as a team bonding exercise!

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Introduce Some Office Plants

Indoor plants certainly help to boost mood, as well as provide a cleaner air environment. They’re also beneficial if your office cannot provide views or windows as well as it should, therefore you can bring a little bit of nature inside instead. 

You could also give employees the option to bring in their own plants to have on their individual desks, as well as having standard plants around the office itself. If employees want to bring in their own plants, this can save you money on investing in them yourself. 

Improve Office Acoustics

A loud office with excessive noise can create an unpleasant and distracting environment. Noise issues can get worse in open-plan offices where there is nothing to absorb or disperse the noise. When this happens; acoustic tiles will reduce noise levels with their sound-absorbing materials.

Think About the Right Equipment 

The right equipment applies to both necessary equipment on a daily basis, and new equipment that may need to be introduced as and when needed. For an office, this needs to be ergonomic, and comfortable seating and desk set-ups to ensure the health and comfort of your employees.

It may also include PPE supplies for retailers & offices when changes arise and new health threats emerge. Be sure that your employees have everything they need, at all times.  

Consider the Right Seating Arrangement 

How you choose to arrange seating and desks can have a direct effect the productivity and mood of your employees. Desks that are too far apart or facing the wall can mean employees can feel closed off or restricted. Make sure all desks and chairs are arranged to face the open space, or at the very least positioned to minimize distraction, but provide a sociable working space between all employees. 

Don’t Neglect Facilities 

When running an office, basic facilities such as access to fresh water, tea- and coffee-making stations, and comfortable restroom facilities are a necessity. Depending on the size of your office and the means, you may also be able to introduce a kitchen or eating facilities for employees to spend their breaks or make food. 

Check In With Everyone 

Regular employee appraisals and team meetings are essential for good communication, and to keep employees feeling understood and looked after.

Author: Carol Trehearn

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