Published On: Fri, Jun 23rd, 2017

How To Create A Cozy Living Room

Most people spend the majority of their time in the living room when they’re at home, so it only makes sense that you’d want to be comfortable in yours.  There are some things that you can do to make your living room cozier.

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Stop The Leaks

For your comfort in the winter, it is absolutely necessary to stop the leaks.  This means identifying all the areas that your living room loses heat, and fixing the problem.  The main culprit is usually the windows.  Often, they don’t fit the window well, and drafts find their way in.  Replace old windows with double- or triple-glazed units to reduce drafts and to trap the heat in.  

Exposed floorboards can also allow cold drafts to enter the house.  Fill gaps with flexible filler and cover the floor with a room-sized rug for instant results.  If your home is equipped with radiators, replace old units with new ones that have individual thermostats.  This will not only help to regulate the temperature, it’ll save you money too.


A fireplace, especially if the mantle is large can take up a large amount of the room on the wall. An electric fireplace that mounts on the wall can really make a big difference in this regard and also looks stylish and attractive.

Get Bold!

Rich, deep paint colors is a great way to give your living room the impression of warmth.  Navy and dark charcoal go very well together, and look amazing on walls, particularly when paired with furnishings with contrasting colors such as mustard or shades of berries.  Wood furniture blends seamlessly with dark colors, and rich shades also go equally well with modern industrial trends too.

Extend Your Daylight Hours

As winter advances, you lose more of your daylight hours, so it becomes vitally important to ensure adequate lighting.  It’s best to use soft background lighting, preferably dimmable ceiling lights that can be adjusted as necessary.  A task light for reading is also a great idea.  Add a warm glow to the room with a woodburning stove, or light a candle to create a cozy atmosphere.  Carefully positioned mirrors will enhance the ambiance that the lighting creates.

Layer Your Textures

Nothing could possibly be more inviting than soft, warm textures to snuggle up in.  To create the ultimate in coziness, incorporate a combination of throws and cushions in faux fur, felted fabrics, and chunky knit.  Add some silk or wool accents for an amazingly indulgent effect.  Succeed in all this through careful layering.

Adjust For The Seasons

Consider how you can adjust for the seasons for year-round comfort.  Replace winter drapery with lightweight curtains in the summer.  As the seasons change to autumn, the addition of lining made of thermal fleece can help moderate the changing temperatures.  Rather than discarding everything as the seasons change, think in terms of more or thicker.  A coffee table is the perfect place to tuck away extra blankets for use later in the year.

Imitate Sunshine

Brass and copper work well with navy and gray walls, and they also happen to be a hot trend!  Use them to introduce a hint of sparkle in nearly any color scheme on such items as picture frames and tea light holders.  Or take it further and add some metallic wallpaper or fabric to your interior design.  Another great way to incorporate is on the inside of lampshades.  This causes the lamp to project a warm glow in the surrounding area, and even when it’s not on it adds opulence to the room.

Be creative.  Don’t be afraid to include some ideas of your own.  Until then, use these tips to make your living room as comfortable as it is functional.

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  1. Rob Morgan says:

    Modern electric fires are also a great way make a home more cozy, especially those that have a range of flame picture options – not as a good as a wood burning stove, but not far off….

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