Published On: Tue, Sep 18th, 2018

How to Clean Upholstery Easily

Cleaning is one of the toughest and the most thankless job in the world, especially if you have a large household to manage that has kids and pets. Even if you are not a clean freak, the hygiene and presentability factors make it impossible for you to avoid this daunting task. Be it keeping your kitchen hygiene in check, the bedrooms maintained or your living room spotless, cleaning is by far the most onerous chore to handle. The struggle gets even more demanding when it comes to cleaning upholstery.  

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The pieces of furniture that are padded or lined with either fabric or leather are one of the most challenging parts of the cleaning process. This is because since they are used regularly, they happen to get dirty easily; however you cannot call for professional cleaners regularly. Moreover, many people are reluctant to handle upholstery cleaning on their own since most items are expensive and a tiny mistake can ruin your expensive sofa or luxurious set of curtains for life. The same time it does not make sense to leave them dirty until your next appointment with the cleaners. By being a little tactful and using the right products you can quickly clean up your upholstery on your own without having to pay a fortune to the professional cleaners.  

Investing in the Right Products

Before you attempt the cleaning process, understand that upholstery is one of the most expensive elements of your living space and they need to be cleaned with care. Since it is impractical to hire cleaners regularly, it is recommended that you invest in the right cleaning products that will be a life saver. The first thing that you will need is a vacuum cleaner, which most households already have. If you can invest in an upholstery steam cleaner and a preconditioner, that would be a huge plus. Other than that, it is essential to buy a dedicated upholstery cleaner. Since these products are chemically loaded, it is necessary that you go through some upholstery cleaner reviews so that you make a safe choice that would not ruin your furniture. Ideally, invest in separate cleaners for leather and fabric.

Always Vacuum First

Running a vacuum over your upholstery should still be the first step of your cleaning process. This is because there might be any solid particles such as food, pet hair, playdough, etc. that can be easily detected and picked up by the vacuum. This is important because the cleaning process will make your upholstery wet and if these particles come in contact with water or the cleaning product that can make it dirtier.

Spot the Stains

Instead of soaking you whole furniture in a cleaning product, it is much safer and less troublesome to detect the stains that need the attention and clean targeted areas only as it will save you from a lot of time and hassle.

Clean and Dry

Once you have spotted the target areas, it is advisable to use a preconditioner first. The preconditioner will loosen up any tough dirt, dust, grease or grime stains that have settled in your fabric. Leave the preconditioner for a while and then apply an upholstery cleaner that is relevant to the material of your upholstery. Make sure your cleaner is suitable for the type of upholstery that you are cleaning. Let the product set for 5 to 7 minutes and then run a steam cleaner over it. Leave it for air drying and you are done.

Author: Muhammad Tayyab

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