Published On: Thu, Jul 9th, 2020

How to choose the right software for your business needs

It doesn’t matter what your business is about; I can guarantee you that there is a software application for some, if not all, of its processes! 

The best part?

These software applications make life easy for you and your employees – from simplifying every of your workplace operations to easing the burden of workload on your employees, automating your supply chains to managing business finances, and doing every other thing you can think of.

The only question is, how will you choose the right one for your business? With so many of them available out there and lots of brand alternatives to consider, it can be difficult making a final decision on which business software to use.

So, how do you go about making your software choice?

Let’s find out!

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Understanding your business size

The size of a business plays a significant role in the process of selecting the software for that business. By merely considering the size of your business, you can determine which software you need and which you don’t. 

Are you a small business retailer, a mid-sized enterprise, or a large conglomerate? Depending on which you are, some software might be too sophisticated or less appropriate for you. 

For example, while a large-sized business might be in dire need of an integrated project management software, a small retailing business might be fine organizing its projects with simple tools like Trello and Google Calendar.

Understanding where your business is

First and foremost, you need to understand where your business is on the age front. Are you in the startup phase, the first five years of operation, or are you an old enterprise? The stage you are can determine to a great extent the kinds of software you’ll need.

For example, while a newly launched business may not need a cash flow analyzing software – since they’ve not really started making any sales – it is hardly impossible that an existing business wouldn’t need to analyze their cash flow. Also, some apps which are great for startup marketing may be inappropriate for the marketing of an established brand.

What are your competitors using?

Now that you’re done analyzing your business position, the next line of action would be for you to find out what your competitors are using. Already you know your business size and where your business is currently. Use this information to research those businesses that their status closely match your own. And find out about the software they’re using to know which ones you’ll be needing too. Once you discover what they’re using, go to sites like Saaslist to check, review, and compare this software with other similar ones to know whether they’re worth going for. 

For example, let’s say you found a competitor to be using the Nextiva VoIP tool for their business communications. You can visit Saaslist to check out Nextiva reviews to know whether the app is, indeed, worthwhile. 

What are your employees like?

Are your employees tech-savvy? Will they be able to adjust to the introduction of a new digital app, or will they need a lot of getting used to? Will they be able to grasp the operation and application of the software all by themselves, or will they require an expert to come to show them how it works?

Before choosing your business software, you need to consider all these. 

Remember, employees are the ones who will use the software applications at the end of the day. So, installing a software application they cannot relate with or which goes beyond their level of expertise might not really be a good move.

Consider your purse

Apps are not meant to be cheap; neither are they meant to be free. But if you’re lucky to find free software like Google docs, Mailchimp, and Google Calendar, then fine. But if not, be ready to invest a few bucks in acquiring the right software your business needs.

The prices you find can then help you make your ultimate decision. If you’re low on budget, you may want to stick with free or cheap apps. Otherwise, you may want to go for those highly sophisticated software apps.

Reach out to a developer

Software applications are built by people called software developers. If after giving all that we’ve said some thoughts you still can’t decide on which app is right for you and which is not, perhaps it may be time you reached out to any of these developers so that they can give you a better clue on what will be best for your business.

Author: Uday Tank

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