Published On: Tue, Dec 19th, 2017

How to Choose the Right Blood Pressure Monitor

In the 21st century, monitoring your blood pressure at home is not a problem. It is even obligatory to control the condition of your own health by yourself. Blood pressure monitor is a must-have tool for those who struggle with low or high blood pressure. Over the past couple of years, the age of those who struggle with this problem has considerably decreased. Even young people have minor or bigger issues with low or high blood pressure. That’s why it is extremely important to be able to check your health condition every moment you need it. Blood pressure monitors are something everyone should have at home.

Today we’re going to talk about principles of choosing the best blood pressure monitors for you particularly. Regardless whether you have any problems with blood pressure or not, it is recommended to get even the simplest one for your family. So, let’s find out how to choose the best one.

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Three Principles of Choosing a Blood Pressure Monitor

To keep an eye on your blood pressure at home and on the road while travelling, you need to have something handy and compact to check your blood pressure whenever you need it. That’s why we recommend paying attention to smaller models. To make the best choice ever, follow the next principles while choosing a blood pressure monitor:

    1.    Upper cuff and wrist cuff. It is not correct to consider all upper cuff monitors to be bulky and uncomfortable. There are compact and sleek models in both categories. The difference is that wrist cuff uses your pulse instead of the brachial artery to check blood pressure. What is the difference? Many doctors claim that upper cuff models are more reliable. So, keep it in mind.
    2.    Arm size. It is very important to make sure that a chosen tool will perfectly suit the size of your shoulder. For this, determine the size of your shoulder by taking a cloth measuring tape and measuring the circumference of your upper or lower arm. Write down the numbers you get and check if a chosen monitor has the right size cuff for you accordingly.
    3. Options. Some tools are more advanced than others. Decide which type of monitor and functions you want – some are for the single use only while others have a memory system, which allows using it for the whole family at the same time. Maybe you want a wireless model to share the results on the smartphone?

When it comes to choosing the right blood pressure monitor, the number of brands and models can be a little bit overwhelming. But following these 3 basic principles will make the process of picking the right monitor much easier and simpler. Hopefully, you will use them too. Check all the models presented on the market, as most of them are very affordable.

Author: medinstrum.com

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