Published On: Sat, Nov 13th, 2021

How to celebrate the New Year 2021-2022 according to Feng Shui correctly

New Year is an excellent holiday that not only children, but also adults are waiting for in a frenzy. This is the moment of making your dreams come true and making your videos in the TikTok feed. Use cool animation effects, premium music and videos without limits, and other objects to go viral and attract Tiktok followers.

New Year’s holidays give joy and expectation of a miracle. It is necessary to follow the sequence of a successful meeting of the New Year 2022 according to Feng Shui. This article will help you better know how to properly celebrate the New Year 2022 in Feng Shui.

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You need to know that Feng Shui is an art that teaches the creation of living space. If everything is done in accordance with the norms, then the cosmic energy will settle in your home. Feng Shui energy has tremendous power and is able to make any of your dreams come true.

Get rid of unnecessary things and change the decor in the rooms

Think only good

New Year tree and home decoration according to Feng Shui

The correct decoration of the New Year’s table

We attract love according to Feng Shui

Get rid of unnecessary things and change the decor in the rooms

Learning how to properly celebrate the New Year 2022 in Feng Shui, you should start by cleaning the house. To celebrate the New Year with only joyful moments, initially throw away all unnecessary things. You do not need to feel sorry for the spoiled things, they only overshadow your prospects, not allowing them to develop. Get rid of old clothes that take away your strength.

The flowers on the windowsill block the positive energy of light from entering your home, so free up space. Disassemble the items in your closet and on the shelves. There is no need to feel sorry for useless trinkets that collect perennial dust on themselves. The computer also needs to be cleaned up. Remove all unnecessary information such as letters, folders and files that take up unnecessary space.

For a colorful and unforgettable meeting with the New Year, you should make a rearrangement in your home. Change the familiar interior with a new one, move the furniture. An event like this will open up a powerful stream of energy that will fill every corner of your home. Overpower laziness and do a general cleaning in every room. You can involve the whole family in the work. Already in the coming year, you will be able to feel how your consciousness is filled with positive. You are guaranteed success and love in all your endeavors.

Think only good

Considering the nuances of the sequencing of the 2022 New Year’s Feng Shui, it is important not to lose such a necessary detail as clearing your head. Much of everything that happens is directly related to how you feel about certain moments. Throw away all negativity. Bad thoughts should not be allowed on New Year’s Eve.

Find the strength to let go of all past failures and problems. Forgive those who have brought you disappointment and pain. As a last resort, just forget about such people. Tune in positively. Tell yourself that everyone who is dear to you and you are happy, everyone is completely healthy, instead of phrases: “I wish none of my loved ones were sick.” As a result, you will feel how your soul is being cleansed and you are filled with new strength.

New Year tree and home decoration according to Feng Shui

Before meeting the New Year 2022 in Feng Shui, it is worth remembering about the New Year’s decoration. The main attribute of the New Year is the tree. According to Feng Shui technology, the correct location of the New Year’s tree is considered key. Let’s figure out where to put it. To attract financial well-being, the green beauty should be on the southeast side of the room. For Christmas tree balls, choose gold, silver, and red colors. Don’t forget the garland and brightly colored tinsel. Such a design will help turn the Christmas tree into a money tree.

In 2022, you need to decorate the spruce with paper banknotes, coins, or gold jewelry. You need to spice up the owner of the next year with Christmas-tree decorations hanging on red threads. This action stimulates the activation of the fire element. Chinese coins on the tree, or under it, will become a symbol of prosperity. In order to increase income in 2022, Feng Shui advises placing silver or gold accessories throughout the home.

The correct decoration of the New Year’s table

The main role is given to the New Year’s table. It is worth picking it up in the correct shape. In 2022, opt for oval or round tables. However, if you do not have such a table, you can hide the sharp corners under the tablecloth. The table top must be either an oval or a circle, which means the blessing of heaven. Gathering at the table with your family and friends, you call for good luck and development in any direction. Don’t forget about the pretty dishes. She must be present on the festive table, as well as an abundance of delicious and satisfying food. Place the table so that everyone can sit comfortably at it.

We attract love according to Feng Shui

Celebrating the New Year according to Feng Shui, you increase the chances of meeting your soul mate. Ritual will help in attracting love. To hold it, you need candles of bright colors, preferably with a heart shape. Place them in the zone of love and family hearth, which

located in the southwest corner of the room. All things in this zone must have a pair, this is the main condition. The ritual is available not only for those who want to get rid of loneliness, but also for couples who want to add freshness, romance and passion to the relationship.

We hope that this article was able to tell you how to properly celebrate the New Year 2021 in Feng Shui. Do not lose the opportunity to improve your financial condition, find a soul mate due to this excellent and effective Chinese technique. Here you learned how to celebrate the New Year 2022 in the Feng Shui style. We advise you to read this article, which describes tips for meeting the New Year 2022, according to the Chinese horoscope. We wish you happiness, love and prosperity from us and get a lot of tiktokviews!

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