Published On: Sat, Nov 16th, 2019

How To Carry Your Realistic Animal Costume?

Everyone is always trying to make their costumes fun and exciting. In the quest to make their costume innovative and attractive, they often forget how to adorn each costume. Among all the popular adult costumes, realistic dinosaur costume has gradually become the most popular one that everyone is opting for without any second thought. 

Be it the convenience or the authentic look, people are choosing these realistic dinosaur costumes over anything. If you have found the ideal realistic dinosaur costume for yourself, let’s learn how you must adorn each costume to make the best out of it. 

photo courtesy of onlydinosaurs.com

Baby Dinosaur Puppet

Designed for children as well as adult, baby dinosaur puppet is an arm-sized realistic dinosaur that you can wear on your arms. It will be a baby dinosaur that you can wear on your arms and control its movements. It is a brand new and unique idea inspired by hand puppets, but it is completely unique from it. From T-rex, Spinosaurus, and Velociraptors, you can find different dinosaur puppets. You need to fit in your arm completely in the puppet and make sure your fingers are moving comfortably.

Hidden Leg Dinosaur Costume

There are plenty of realistic dinosaur costume options available today. You can find these either at a physical store or an online shop. If you are opting for a realistic dinosaur costume, there are majorly two types of costumes available, with visible leg and with hidden legs. While wearing visible legs is quite easier as your legs will not be covered with the costume. In hidden legs, your legs will come inside the costume, and you have to walk accordingly. There will be a monitor and camera in the dinosaur skin that will guide you. You can see the outer surrounding through the monitor and steer towards the right direction. 

Animatronic Dinosaur

What’s better than experiencing life-like dinosaur that can move, walk, and make scary sounds. Inspired from the Jurassic world’s dinosaur, animatronic dinosaur are the ones that will make you believe you are witnessing the eon old animal. These dinosaur skins are used in shopping malls, museums, science exhibitions, etc. Animatronic dinosaur costume is easy to handle as you just have to control its movements with the help of triggers and steering. There are separate buttons and triggers for movements and sound. Before the final display, you must get acquainted with the controlling system of the animatronics dinosaur in order to avoid any glitches. 

There are more than one reason to go for a realistic dinosaur costume over anything. You can create a lasting impact with your unique and authentic costume. While others stick to the cliché and unreal inflated dinosaur costume, you can be the star of the event by donning a realistic dinosaur costume. 

You can choose from the myriad of authentic dinosaur costumes. From hand puppets to hidden legs costume, there are numerous options available. You just need to understand the right way of adorning and controlling them to highlight its best features.

Author: Himani Rathore

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