Published On: Tue, Nov 13th, 2018

How to Buy a Used Car: A practical guide for first timers

Are you planning of buying a car but you couldn’t afford a brand new vehicle? No problem because you can always choose to buy a second-hand vehicle which is actually more affordable and a practical choice especially for those who don’t have the means to buy a new one.

Nowadays, a lot of car dealers have ventured into selling more used cars because of bigger profits and the increasing demand in the market. A lot of their clients would consider buying a used car after checking out its history by doing a quick ppsr check rather than pay for a brand new ride because they are quite wary about the monthly obligations that come with it.

photo Andreas Lischka via pixabay

But before buying a used car make sure to keep in mind the following important things:

Search for a particular make and car model that you would like to purchase. You don’t need to rush yourself when making this kind of decisions, just take your time by browsing online or checking out several car dealerships within your area and see if something catches your eye. Make sure that you really like the car because once you have made a decision and paid for it then there is no turning back.

Another thing that you should put into consideration even if you are buying a 2nd hand car is your budget. Used cars do not follow a standard pricing, unlike brand new cars. It depends on the seller or dealership on how much would they like to sell it but it doesn’t mean that you can’t negotiate or bargain for your final price. Some dealerships are even accepting payments through installment basis. Find out what are the payments terms that are comfortable on your end stick to it.

Look carefully into the current condition of the car and its mileage by bringing your own personal mechanic or car expert to assess the vehicle that you are about to buy.

Also, make sure to check its history by doing a mandatory ppsr check just to make sure that the vehicle is not stolen and does not have any negative records that may put you in trouble. Keep in mind that not all dealerships and car owners are transparent enough to tell you why they have decided to sell their car. If the selling price is too low or too good to be true then probe further till you get your answers.

Lastly, it’s not recommended to buy a vehicle that has not yet been fully paid off by its owners’. Some latest car models are being sold in order for the buyer to assume its remaining loan balance in the bank. Yes, you will be getting the latest model without paying a big down payment but remember that the car won’t be under your name until it is fully paid which makes the purchase quite risky. It’s better to purchase a car where you can secure a complete set of documents including a clean deed of sale, OR/CR and updated registration papers preferably with insurance rather than put your hard earned money at risk.

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