Published On: Wed, May 26th, 2021

How to Build Your Personal Brand with the Social Media

It was only invented a few years ago, but the social media has become a powerful tool that can be used to build personal brands. The social media can be used to propagate messages across a broad audience in seconds which is one of the many features that has attracted individuals and companies to rely on social media platforms to meet their branding needs.

The traditional advertising media such as the radio, print media and TV were used in the past, but in recent times, people have taken a preference for the social media because of its fast and mostly positive results. If you are planning to build your personal brand studying social media to identify the best platform to use should be a priority. If your social media campaign for personal branding is done right, it will take only a short time before the public knows about your brand.

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Personal branding is important; you need to make sure your positive reputation precedes you at all times. When your brand is already acknowledged by the public, you have an audience. Personal branding on social media helps because it is the first place your target audience will search to find out more information about your brand.

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Define your brand

You can start by defining your brand by identifying a particular niche you want to focus. It can be an area you have professional training or a new field, but you have to find a way to add value to the lives of your audience.

Create your personalized domain name

Search the hosting platforms to ensure that the domain name you have selected is not taken, or else you may have to buy it from the current owner. Your domain name must be related to your brand and area of focus. For example, Gary Vaynerchuk’s video blog has been branded with a relatable domain name – tv.winelibrary.com where he broadcasts his knowledge and tips about wine tasting and selection. It is a great start to building your personal brand.

Create a personalized WordPress blog with your domain name

Blogs that perform well on the search engines such as Google are those that often post useful information that attracts huge traffic. You must ensure that your content is relevant and helpful to your blog visitors.

Create a Twitter account for your personal brand

The Twitter community is growing every day; you can use the platform to find and grow the number of followers for your brand. Using a Twitter account in your name makes it easier for people to find you or your blog online.

Use Instagram

On Instagram, the biggest marketing option is the using of the influencers on the platform. This is because the influencers have grown the number of their followers over the years and they have the capacity to make your brand and related content go viral in a few minutes. If it is too expensive for your business to use this marketing method good option to consider is to buy views from companies like Gramlike.

You need a Facebook page

A page on Facebook will be most suitable for your personal brand because you can reach a broader audience. Almost everyone who is active online has a Facebook account; we are talking about millions of people. It is a huge market, and you can build a successful personal brand by managing an active Facebook page.

Take advantage of video sharing media platforms

There is an increasing preference for videos and illustrative content online. You can create more awareness for your brand by creating videos, presentations, and webinars which can be posted on sites such as YouTube, Flickr, etc. If you have an active account on these social media sites, the popularity of your brand online will increase.

Add the “share” feature on your blogs

The next thing a reader will like to do after reading your content is to share it online, so others can read and benefit from the information. By adding the ‘share’ feature on your blog, your content can reach a broader audience. This will also increase the traffic to your blog and make your brand popular.

The results may not be immediate, but I can assure you that it is worth your time. Study these tips and start using them today to make your brand known globally.

Author: Maria Andreas

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