Published On: Tue, Aug 25th, 2015

How the Catholic Church included paganism to create Easter, Christmas, Good Friday

To replace the worship of Isis, the worship of the “Virgin Mary” was instituted, and the false doctrine that she ascended to Heaven after her death, and never having intimacy or children with Joseph, her husband. Mary and Joseph had four more sons, and at least two other daughters (Mark 6:3).

The forty days of Lent, which ends on Easter Sunday, comes from the pagan practice for the 40 days of “Weeping for Tammuz”, the pagan sun god. Pork was eaten on Easter Sunday because Tammuz was killed by a wild boar.

Catholicism brought all of this into their occult worship, pretending for it to be a “Christian” holiday.

Zachary Chocolate Covered Marshmallow Eggs Image/FDA

Zachary Chocolate Covered Marshmallow Eggs

The ritual of “Easter eggs” comes from the Babylonian legend of Semiramis, dying and going to Heaven, being the mother of Tammuz and wife of Nimrod. She then supposedly returned to Earth in a giant egg as the bare-breasted goddess named Easter, which cracked opened when it landed in the Euphrates river. When she emerged from the egg, she supposedly turned a bird into an egg-laying rabbit.

This was combined with the Canaanite custom of male priests impregnating virgins in a cave on Easter, with the babies being born in late December.

Before the priests would impregnate new virgins the following Easter, they would kill the three month old babies of the previous virgins, sacrifice them (child-mas) to their godsand dye chicken eggs red with the blood from the slain babies.

Catholicism renamed “child-mas” to “Christmas”, and moved it to December 25th, the habitual birthday of sun gods.

“Good Friday” comes from the worship of Dagon, the fish god, and the Babylonian myth that a half man/half fish entity emerged from the Eryhraean Sea.

Catholicism assigned Good Friday for the crucifixion and the eating of fish.

Constantine wanted to “stamp out the Jewish feasts”, and get rid of all Jewish protocols in his “new Christianity”. But by doing that, the best you would get was heresy, and the worst would be an occult. With Catholicism, we got the worst.

Therefore, the importance of how the Feasts of the Lord played the major part in the ministry of Jesus and salvation was lost.

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