Published On: Sat, Oct 15th, 2016

How Technology Is Changing the Way We Live

Most people know by this point in time that technology has infiltrated literally every aspect of our lives but have we really ever sat down to think about how it affects us personally? From the cars we drive to all those little gadgets in our homes and offices, life is so much simpler than it ever was. Unfortunately, few have a real appreciation for the technology that enables them to do more with the relatively little time we have here on earth. Technology is changing the way we live, for the better, and so we should all take a moment or two to fully appreciate the lifestyles we are able to live due to those gadgets all around us.

It’s a No Brainer

Whilst this comment typically implies stupidity, in the context of technology, it carries a literal meaning. Today’s home is a smart home and there is very little we need to do to keep things running smoothly. There are smart thermometers to keep climate control exactly where we want the temperature to be by day or night and there are smart controls that allow homeowners to set water temperatures for each member of the family.

Smart lighting, smart remote controls, smart everything which leaves you little to do but set the features you want. In fact, you don’t even need to rush into the house to close the windows when it starts to rain because tealproducts.com has window actuators with smart technology that close your windows for you at the first sign of bad weather or smoke from a minor cooking disaster in the kitchen.

photo Gerd Altmann via pixabay

photo Gerd Altmann via pixabay

Technology on the Go

Technology even affects the way we travel around! We drive smart cars, plug GPS coordinates into our mobile devices and work our way around traffic jams. Time is no longer wasted on public transport because we can order our groceries and household items online while taking the train to and from work. We even meet with members of the team on mobile devices while out in the field, maybe stopping in at the office once a week. Mobile technology keeps us just that – mobile and it’s one of the reasons why so many small businesses have been able to expand faster than ever before in history.

What’s Next?

There isn’t an area of our daily lives that hasn’t been affected in one way or another by technology that was only the stuff of Sci Fi thrillers just a decade or two ago. Technology is even altering healthcare with wearables that communicate with our clinicians through mobile devices and we don’t even need to venture out to a lengthy office visit unless something is amiss with the data being collected. With driverless cars already in the works, it won’t be long before we no longer have to drive our own vehicles.

It is hard to imagine exactly what smart technology the future holds in store but at the rate at which it’s advancing, the next big innovation is surely just around the bend. Whatever it is, it is sure to have an impact on how we live. Even exercise is governed by technology so the next innovation might just give us one more reason and a little more time to pull out the mobile phone and hit the streets to find those elusive Pokeballs.

Author: Joao Pedro

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