Published On: Thu, Feb 21st, 2019

How Tai Chi and Tai Cheng workout programs revolutionise people’s lives

Tai Chi and Tai Cheng are non-competitive martial arts that come with multiple health benefits. They are forms of exercises that combine stretching, with physical exercise and mindfulness. Both workout programs can reduce the risk of falls in seniors, improve a person’s flexibility, fitness and balance control. In some cases, the programs are quite effective in reducing the symptoms of depression and pain. The Tai Cheng exercise program is quite new in the field of fitness programs, and it does not focus only on muscle building or weight loss, it is helpful in doing both. Its benefits cover areas like stress relief, pain reduction, flexibility, physical balance and range of motion. Tai Cheng is based on the Tai Chi practice, an Ancient Chinese martial art that includes yoga-like movements.

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Both young people and seniors can try the workout programs proposed by Tai Chi and Tai Cheng, because the training programs start with exercises easy to be practised by people of all fitness levels. The workout will promote inner peace and serenity.

Basic info about Tai Cheng

Tai Chi is a famous training, but as stated before Tai Cheng is a new addition to the fitness world, and it is important to share a few details about this program, for people to understand better, how it works. In order for the workout to be effective, you need to learn to use certain flowing movements that have the role to improve the overall state of the body. The workout should be practiced daily, because every day you will have to perform warm-up exercises. Tai Cheng is based on 18 key healing individual movements, they have the role to help you become more active and reduce pain. The movements will be combined in multiple ways as the workout progresses, to help you improve your overall health. This workout is designed to change your life in 90 days, and for succeeding, it was organised in four stages.

Tai Cheng is based on Tai Chi exercises; therefore, you will discover 6 Tai Chi movements, during the first three stages. The first stages take three weeks to be completed, and the fourth one takes four weeks. The final stage will help you put together the movements and you will learn to exercise them as a sequence.

How Tai Chi and Tai Cheng change people’s lives?

Multiple studies show that these two training programs have multiple benefits for your overall health. They can enhance your immune system, your sleep quality, balance and cognitive functions.

You can prevent fall episodes

Seniors often are experiencing fall episodes because they trip around the house. Tai Chi has proved benefits for preventing falls and trips in elders. The persons who have followed the 90 days program now have a reduced fear of falling. One study was made in a retirement community and the trial involved more than 500 practitioners. Another trial was made on around 200 seniors who were experiencing Parkinson disease, and they stated that Tai Chi helped them improve their balance issues. The results were more successful than the ones they obtained from stretching regularly.

The training programs regulate the movement of fluids in the body

The persons who are practicing Tai Chi and Tai Cheng have an amazing benefit, they can regulate and improve the movement of the fluids in their body, the interstitial fluid, the cerebrospinal fluid, the synovial fluid, the lymph and blood. During the workout, you practice certain movements that move the fluids in your body. The movements are similar to a series of pumps; the pumps vary in intensity, from tiny ones within the vertebrae, joints and internal organs, to large ones like the arm, leg, belly and entire spine.

According to the energy and flow of the chi, the bodily fluids will move at a specific intensity. The chi is the energetic activator that influences the movement of the fluids in the body.

You improve your cognitive function and mental health

Tai Cheng is a fluid and tranquil martial art, and it is associated with psychological well-being and mindfulness. Studies show that it is a link between Tai Chi and improved mental health. A trail that included around 2500 adults who did not suffer from cognitive impairments shows that they were able to improve their cognitive functions after they followed the stages of a 90 days workout program. The persons who suffer from cognitive impairment show small but significant improvement after they complete the stages of the training. Tai Chi has multiple benefits on the mental health and cognitive function of people, because it is a gentle and low-impact activity that helps them find inner peace. It is quite effective for the persons who are pregnant, older, or who are dealing with osteoporosis and back pain.

You can reduce your stress levels

Tai Chi and Tai Cheng are effective in helping people feel progressively more deeply inside their body. With the help of this workout program, you can grow awareness of where the tension is located within your body. You will slowly start to notice how tension is affecting your shoulders and neck when working at the desk for a long period of time, and how states like sadness and anger affect your body.

The techniques you will learn during your workout will help you train your central nervous system together with your muscles. Anxiety finds its roots in the jangled nerves, and we are exposed to a technological age when the intellectual activity levels are at their highest point. Anxiety affects all population groups, from children to seniors.

If you practice Tai Chi daily, you will consciously relax your body and mind, and you prevent stress and anxiety. The chi moves through your central nervous system, and it relaxes both your muscles and nerves.

Tai Cheng and Tai Chi also help you achieve emotional relaxation; because they help, you access your emotion and tear up the negative ones like jealousy, hatred, anger and self-pity. If you have a relaxed nervous and muscular system, you can grow free and positive emotions.

Author: Cynthia Madison

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