Published On: Tue, May 29th, 2018

How Students Are Avoiding Plagiarism In The New Age

Any college student majoring in any subject is going to be required to write a lot of essays and this can be quite the challenge. Sure, choosing a topic might not be the hard part, but there are a lot of hurdles that many students will still have to overcome. Everything from confusion to tricky academic languages could play a factor when it comes to plagiarism issues. Most college students already know that plagiarism could result in expulsion and the end of a college career. So, with all the tricky attributes students are doing everything in their power to avoid plagiarism, but how exactly are they accomplishing this?

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Learn How To Properly Reference

It doesn’t matter what topic a student is writing about there will come a time when they have to reference other author’s works. Unfortunately, this is where a lot of confusion and accused plagiarism comes into play. On top of this, there are a few different ways that students can go about referencing their work, so this only makes matters more confusing. Different academic associations will have different styles in which they require an author’s work to be referenced. Some institutes will require only quotation marks, whereas other will require the student to reference the author and his exact quote.

Whatever the situation is, the student must always consult with the professor or the institution ahead of time to get the exact requirements.

Take Advantage Of A Plagiarism Checker

Thanks to the advancement and reach of the Internet there are now a wide variety of tools online that can help the average college student. In fact, many students are surprised to learn that there are now several plagiarism checkers online that they can utilize for free. Sure, it is hard to complete any work without quoting an author or individual, but thanks to the Internet this is now entirely possible. Any student that wants to utilize these programs should search for plagiarism checker free online.

Lecturers Can Offer Good Advice

Students should never shy away from asking their lecturers for advice on avoiding plagiarism. It already helps that students are required to find a unique topic for their essay. This basically means that each student in your class will need to choose a topic that is unique. While it is extremely difficult to do this, some lecturers are willing to offer essay topic ideas.

When it comes to meeting with lecturers, it is crucial to schedule an appointment several weeks before the deadline. This will provide ample time for implementing the advice and ensure the essay is completed prior to the deadline.

Always Document Reference Sources

No one wants to be accused of plagiarism, especially college students. With little room for error, students must document every source they utilized for reference purposes. This includes names of books, the authors name and year and place of publication. It is also important to reference exactly where quotes come from.

Documenting reference sources will provide students with the information needed to prove their essay is original. And, if any questions arise about potential plagiarism, they will be able to refer to this document to show exactly where they got their information.

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