Published On: Tue, Sep 29th, 2015

How Staffing Agencies Save Business Owners Time and Money

It’s no secret that running a business is a time-consuming endeavor. From managing employees to tracking inventory, the day-to-day tasks can overwhelm even the most responsible entrepreneurs.

One skill that all business owners must eventually learn is when to delegate responsibilities and when to handle them personally. In regard to locating, evaluating and hiring employees, the support of a staffing agency may prove invaluable. Not only can these companies save you and your hiring managers time, but they can also reduce the overall expenses involved in the hiring process.

Staffing Companies Save Time

Attracting qualified applicants, critiquing resumes and interviewing potential candidates are time-consuming tasks. Unfortunately, many companies cut corners in the hiring process due to time constraints, but this is never a good idea. Hiring an under-qualified employee will only cost you time and resources – and eventually, you’ll be right back where you started.

With the support of a reputable staffing agency, however, you can rest assured that the candidates you interview will have the qualifications that you’re after. You won’t have to develop a hiring process from scratch, and the timeframe between finding candidates and completing their training will be much shorter.

Most staffing companies specialize in certain industries, such as manufacturing, health care or government positions. For example, Kelly Services is a staffing company that specializes in finding employees in the health-care industry.

dollar-ten dollar bills pile by Gerd Altman via pixabayKelly Services’ workforce solutions include physician services, nursing services, medical administration, pharmacists and information management specialists. The bottom line is this: No matter your industry, it always helps to work with a staffing agency that has a positive reputation for helping companies that are similar to yours.

Staffing Companies Save Money

The benefits of working with a staffing company extend beyond the time savings of not having to locate and screen employees. According to AZ Central, these agencies can actually save business owners money.

A staffing company will help you avoid the fees associated with advertising open positions. Also, your labor costs will reduce because you don’t need a hiring manager to handle employee screening.

If the staffing agency offers employment benefits, then you also save money by eliminating the cost of health insurance and other perks. These can add up to a few thousand dollars per year for each worker.

In addition, staffing companies reduce payroll expenses. These agencies handle the payroll of the employees they supply, which saves you the time and cost of managing extra invoices.

A Great Opportunity for College Graduates

In addition to helping companies hire qualified workers, staffing agencies offer an excellent opportunity for college graduates who are having trouble finding a job. Temporary workers can build their professional network and earn valuable skills. Often, these temp positions turn into full-time jobs.

For business owners, enlisting the support of a staffing company is a great way to save time, money and the hassle of screening employees. Whether you’re after a c-suite executive or a bottom-level intern, a staffing company will have immediate access to a pool of vetted professionals.

Author: Ravi Kumarr Gupta

photo: photologue_np via Flickr

photo: photologue_np via Flickr

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