Published On: Mon, Jan 23rd, 2017

How people handle faith in the modern age

Faith has never been an easy thing to live with; in fact, part of the point of faith is that it tests you every day of your life, but it is fair to say that having faith was easier when communities living cheek by jowl with one another shared a common religion, or a religion that was not so very dissimilar to the one next door. Today, the world is an increasingly polarized and divided place, with people unable to agree on the smaller things in life, such as behavior, let alone the big, life-defining issues.

How do people handle faith in the modern age?

Different faiths

We live in a multicultural society, which means that we are more aware of the workings and beliefs of faiths different to our own than in ages past. This should, and indeed does, in most cases, mean that we have an understanding of, an appreciation for, and a less bigoted attitude towards other faiths, encouraging social cohesion and making for a more inclusive world. It may even mean that a faith that is not the one we were brought up with appeals more than our own, in which case, we convert.

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Like any subject matter, the more one learns about faith or religion, the more interesting and engrossing a subject it becomes. Fortunately, the modern age has enabled anyone interested in learning more about a particular religion – its history, its tenets, even its controversies – need only access the internet and open themselves up to a wealth of information. Educating oneself about a particular faith may also have a transformative effect. For example, a non-believer or a doubter may discover a truth that convinces them that there is a place for faith in their life.

The online world is also a wonderful way for those who have a faith to connect with other likeminded souls. Websites often serve as discussion forums for those who want to examine and perhaps question their faith with others. A good example of this for those of the Christian faith is The Way International, a magazine website that has at its heart the fundamentals of the Christian faith, teaching and encouraging its readers to live by the Word of God, but also breaking the faith down into separate parts so that Christian readers can explore specific facets of the religion.

Of course, if there is one thing that can complicate living with faith in the modern age, it is science. Often, the two seem incompatible, and it is true that some of the younger generations have found it difficult to remain faithful to a religion because what they have learnt at school or college seems to contradict the teachings of their faith – especially true when attending non-faith educational institutions. However, others do manage to reconcile the tenets of both science and religion, embracing both and allowing the one to live side by side with the other.

Living with faith has never been less easy, faced with a wide range of religious choices as we are and with an ever more increasing dependence upon and belief in science. Ironically, though, it is this very leaning towards science to provide a rationale for human life that has made people return to religion, because sometimes it can provide the answers that science cannot.

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