Published On: Wed, Aug 10th, 2016

How People Are Fighting Insects in 2016: New & Old Solutions

This summer was especially hot in terms of the endless fight with annoying insects like bed bugs, flies, mosquito, and termites. Britain’s summer insect invasion motivated the citizens of this country to use all of their weapons in this unequal battle with tiny pests.

Flying ants were the last straw. People living in the UK reported the damages to the social media and corresponding services hoping together they will find a solution. Even known celebrities such as Eamonn Holmes and singer Danny Jones have supported those who complained about the sudden attacks. The titles sounded like “Insects Surge out of the Ground on Flying Ant Day.”

Why Should You Resist?

But why are people in panic?

Well, as you know, there are several types of damages various pests, from termites to caterpillars and some kinds of grasshoppers, cause the following damages:

  • Chewing damage
  • Poisonous bites
  • Infectious injuries
  • Physical harm to both humans and livestock
  • Stripping plants
  • Leaving holes or even tunnels in plants
  • Eating harvest
  • Polluting area around
  • Stimulating stinky smell

There is no need to worry any more. Now you can try using these tips to tackle the lippy bugs no matter where you come from. In addition, several useful videos have appeared on the Internet.

This Summer Anti-Pest Trends

Here are some of the hints that work this summer.

Spray the nasty bugs with dishwashing soap

If it works with flying ants, it may work with other species like Eastern lubber grasshoppers or bed bugs. You may wonder, but dishwashing soap is not getting rid of dirt only: this efficient and time-tested agent from your kitchen or WC distracts the pests very quickly. It works this way: the soap attaches to the small bodies of our ‘friends’ and dehydrates them. Hurry up to purchase a bottle or few to be ready to capture these irritating monsters in flight or not. It would be enough to combine 2 huge squirts of dish washing liquid with the corresponding amount of water. Make sure the liquid still dominates.

Phlebotomine sandfly Image/CDC

Phlebotomine sandfly

Hook these bad flies with sticky tape

This advice also works well with the other flying bugs. You may lure the pests with some piece of a food if you can’t wait to get rid of them once and forever. Place some adhesive/Scotch tape around. Make sure it is located with the sticky side up next to the lure.

Attack ants with an artificial sweetener

You may use this one to resist termites and many other types of pests as well. Anyway, you can find out more on how to eliminate termites, and you’ll discover that the tips are pretty much the same as for the ants. The structure of these two is similar. There are several sorts of sweeteners that are extremely toxic for both flying and creeping ants. For instance, in case you combine the sweetener with some juice (it is recommended to use apple), the outcome will be a ductile paste that will penetrate the pests’ colony. When it reaches the destination, it murders a great part the population.

No way to survive without insecticidal powder!

British people realized the power of the magic powder once again. Use this weapon all around your door thresholds or in the places of wall and ground connection. This is a great hint for the creeping bugs, in particular ants and termites. You may choose to spray these areas with the special aerosol.

Call Special Services

The last and most credible advice is to use pest control services. Consumer Affairs has analyzed the market in 2015-16. Here is the list of the companies you can trust your pest problems…

  1. Terminix. This is the top company with more than 85 (!) years of experience in the field of controlling pest amounts. You will receive much more than remove services. Add full control methods that involve insulation aimed to avoid encroachments – and you’ll get a perfect helper.
  2. Riddex Plus Pest Repeller. Another great assistant when it comes to monitoring the number of pests and their impact. These guys prefer digital pulse technology, so you won’t get poisoned.
  3. Black & Decker Ultrasonic Pest Repellers. This company has also discovered its unique non-toxic way to eliminate all sorts of pests from your property. The electronic signals emitted work to deter insects and critters.

The full list of the companies may be found here. As we can see, it is real to get rid of the pests once and forever or at least for a while. After all, who wants to see these nasty little creatures eating your harvest or polluting the area around your house?

Author: Melissa Burns

(Image: A reconstruction of the tiny phorid fly Euryplatea nanaknihali, with body size compared with a house fly (Musca domestica); Credit: Inna-Marie Strazhnik)

(Image: A reconstruction of the tiny phorid fly Euryplatea nanaknihali, with body size compared with a house fly (Musca domestica); Credit: Inna-Marie Strazhnik)

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