Published On: Wed, Oct 26th, 2016

How Long Does Root Canal Treatment Last?

Root canal treatment is sometimes referred to as endodontic treatment and is really common in dentistry. Whenever you go to a dentist you can expect him to be able to perform this procedure with ease. The only real problem associated with the treatment is the lack of information that is present at the moment for most people around the world. This is normal since people do not normally tend to learn too much about dentistry work that is available for them.

Why Endodontic Treatment?

Endodontic treatment will be necessary to save teeth if pulps have problems due to infection or inflammation. When pulp tissue dies, infection spreads to bones that surround teeth. All the pulp that is infected has to be completely removed. Root canals need to be cleaned, disinfected, shaped and then filled in order to have a seal that would protect from future damage.

To keep it as simple as possible, you go through the root canal treatment in order to fix the damage that appeared in one of the most important parts of your teeth and to not lose the tooth and other teeth that would be affected in the future.

Root Canal Facts Of Interest

Root canal treatment efficiency can be affected by numerous factors. You want to be aware of some that are more important:

  • Treatment – The sooner you go to the dentist, the higher the possibility that the root canal treatment will be easier and that some of the pulp will actually be saved. Make sure that you go as soon as some pain is felt. In many cases the infection is not visible with a naked eye so the dentist needs to check your teeth.
  • Tooth Uniqueness – Not all teeth are the same. The front teeth will have a single root. They are much easier to treat and access. A lower biting force is put on them when compared with back teeth. Your back teeth are constantly used for chewing. They include 2 or 3 roots. More root canals exist. These are teeth that are tougher to reach and treatment will be more complicated. At the same time, back teeth may also require crowns after the root canal treatment. This is rarely the case with the front tooth.
  • Patient Age – Most people are not aware of this but there is a connection between the resistance that a tooth has for fracture and the person’s age. As time passes the teeth become brittle and there is a higher possibility that fractures will appear. This is especially the case with the molars because they are faced with the highest biting force. Protection from stress and future damage is absolutely necessary so be sure that you do not postpone the procedure when it is recommended by the dentist.


It is very important that you go to the dentist over a good schedule so that your teeth are regularly checked. When root canal treatment is recommended, do go through with it. That will protect the tooth from extra unnecessary future damage.

Author: Lolita Di

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photo dozenist

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