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How is compliant-based gun ownership helping citizens reduce crime in the U.S.?

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Let’s admit it, gun ownership is the basic U.S. citizen right. According to Wikipedia, American civilians account for around 46% of the civilian-owned firearms globally. Although, the media is continuously trying to portray the negative impact of gun ownership, the positive influence of firearms on law-abiding American society is commendable.

Gun Ownership Influences Criminal’s Behavior

Possibly the most noteworthy impact of firearms ownership is how it affects the behavior of culprits. Previous incidents suggest that the criminals are scared of citizens having firearms more than the cops. That’s may be because cops are barely present onsite. Moreover, they are strictly bound by government-set rules and regulations and are directed to use guns only if it’s absolutely unavoidable.

One of the studies proposed by the US DOJ suggests that 33% of the culprits accepted to being frightened or captured by the gun owners. 69% admitted that they knew at least one culprit in their life span who went through the similar phase. Whereas 80% of offenders claimed that they purposely skipped out on individuals that they thought were equipped.

Gun Ownership Brings Sense of Security and Confidence

People generally believe that the police and other law enforcement agencies can’t be everywhere, yet a lot of people depend on 911.  People who live in secluded regions cannot get access to quick help and it takes more than expected time for the police to reach there. It gives great sense of confidence and security if the victim is armed.

The subject of behavioral psychology also highlights the importance of this aspect. This is why around 63% of the U.S. citizens now believe that they feel more confident and secure when they have personal guns at their home.

Gun Ownership Reduces Crimes

The journalists only portray the dark side of gun ownership and according to them, it’s the root cause of every possible crime. Surprisingly, whenever a country puts restriction on guns or firearms usage, it has witnessed a significant rise in crime. To recall, Wales observed a roughly 50% rise in homicides just after imposing a ban on weapons.

The fact is, gun ownership can actually reduce crime. How? Let’s explore!

It Provides Protection to Home and Business

While talking about personal safety, opposing a crime with a firearm is believed to be the best option. Approximately 1mn Americans use guns to safeguard their homes and businesses.

Mass Shootings

Besides home and business security, the influence of gun ownership on mass shootings is also mind-boggling. Noticeably, nearly all the major mass shooting incidents happened in the gun-free zones, meaning the culprits were aware that they’re safe and could deliberately be selecting these spots to execute their plans.

The Epidemic Impact

As offenders fear individuals with guns, gun ownership do have a significant impact on the crime rate. Not only it’s preventive but whenever a criminal is shot or wounded, it reduces his chances of committing another crime.

Is Anti-Gun Logic Valid?

Arguments in favor of anti-gun campaigns and gun-free zones can sound valid. After all, they are all about human rights and children safety. But sadly, this is all oratory and to so some extent overstated and distorted.

Suicide or Self-Harm

Well, there is no denying the fact that civilian-kept firearms are the biggest reasons behind self-harm and suicides. Also, the restrictions on gun ownership do look like a great measure to limit gun suicides. However, it’s also important to understand that these regulations don’t influence the number of individuals who do some sort of self-harm or suicide. Studies suggest that in the absence of firearms, those determined to self-harm opt for other substitute ways.


All in all, keeping a firearm is one of the great ways to keep yourself alert. You literally cannot afford a mental vacation while owning a gun. This apparently means you should look at where your gun is placed, who else in the house has access to it, where you’ll put the ammunition, what license types you should hold and many other relevant considerations.

In addition to that, it also gives you a sense of confidence and pride of ownership. From the health point of view, shooting releases adrenaline into your body which then prompts your liver to use glycogen. Thus, occasional shooting is a great exercise that can help in stress relief and muscle relaxation.

Being a responsible citizen, you should however invest in the safest options. Luckily, there are plenty of great options available these days including Glock 19 and the like that comes with amazing safety features. Similarly, it’s also recommended that one should take proper training before keeping or shooting a gun. After all, with great power comes great responsibilities.

Author: Mary Matthews

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