Published On: Thu, Aug 3rd, 2017

How IoT is changing the way we live

You wake up in the morning and the blinds are slowly opening, allowing the first rays of the sun to enter your bedroom. The water heater has heated your water and all you too do is step under the shower. The coffee percolator is emitting a warm and welcoming fragrance and you take a deep appreciative whiff of it. The toast is just the right warmth, the cold water in your fridge bottle at the right chill and you settle down to watch the news. The television switches on to the channel you want and switches off when you go inside to get dressed. The fridge remembers to order milk and eggs for you to use tomorrow.

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As you step out of your house, your air conditioner powers down, the security cameras readjust, the heater in the bathroom switches off and the house rests. As you start your car, the inbuilt navigation system knows where you want to go, your favorite radio channel starts playing and the car AC is a quiet whisper.

When you return from work, you check your wrist band to see how many steps you’ve walked today and then head out for a run. Dinner is heated and ready in the micro oven, the blinds lower to create the darkness needed and the AC is exactly like you like it.

Apart from all this, your phone reminds you to drink water, your watch shows you text messages and receives calls, your health is monitored with the help of heart rate and blood pressure monitors, skin patches and implants. Pill bottles text you to replenish your medication. Your shoes and socks and clothes are wired to adjust to your temperature, heart beat and pulse, the weather and other conditions. Buildings are wired, as are parking meters, garages, traffic lights and parking spaces.

All this is possible by the IoT. The internet of things connects daily use objects to send and receive data using the, you guessed it, internet. It removes the need for interaction of any kind, between humans or between people and machines. With IoT, your entire house, office space and institution is controlled by a protocol that takes care of the most mundane to the most important tasks.

Even as you read this, IoT is changing your life. It harnesses the sheer volume of machines around you- we’ve gone from 300,000 desktop computers connected to the net (1990) to 300 million in 2000 and 2 billion mobile phones in 2016. Most everything in your home is connected to the internet in one way or the other. For instance, if the smoke detector in your house goes off, it places an emergency call to your service provider to send help.

IoT makes everyday life more efficient, streamlining and regularizing processes. In fact, it’s so smoothly assimilated into our lives, we don’t even notice it. It betters energy efficiency and saves us bills on lighting and heat, it controls inventory in retail management, it optimizes when trash needs to be picked up, helps monitor tools on build sites and pollution levels and makes for a more productive living experience. And this is just the beginning of it.

There’s very little in your life that’s not touched by IoT.

Author: Pankaj Deb

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