Published On: Wed, Jan 11th, 2017

How Higher Technical Standards for SEO Tools Can Benefit Minneapolis SEO

You might be using some SEO tools (other than Google Analytics) to gauge the performance of your SEO campaign. But could you be sure that the tool that you use is completely reliable and reflects the right results? Not always because some SEO tools even disregard Google guidelines. There is strong possibility of some SEO tools throwing up wrong results and can be quite concerning for users of SEO tools.

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Why aren’t SEO tools as reliable as it ought to be? The reason is that the vast industry of SEO software development is highly unregulated and there are no technical standards of software development like the ones that are seen in other areas of web standard like character encoding, web development standard, internet protocol suite etc. There is no governing body that oversees SEO software development that should follow some set standards. The development of SEO software is based on the exploration of the marketing pursuits and SEO services, often neglecting the larger perspective that remains invisible to the developer.

Migration of data is not possible

In the absence of any technical standards, SEO software development happens according to the needs of clients with unique features of crawling and storing data that cannot be compared with one another. When different tools are used for the same purpose, each tool works differently while accessing and storing the same data in different ways. This creates great impediment for interchangeability of tools among different platforms. Moreover, it is also not possible to migrate data between platforms except for some large enterprise level providers.

How can standards help?

The absence of standard is affecting the SEO community and not the SEO tool makers. Therefore, standards are very much needed for the benefit of the SEO community. SEO tool makers will have to adapt the standard and make changes in their process of development to include many technicalities that they had been keeping away from. The benefits of technical standards are many.

  • Standards will encourage proper education – It has to be admitted that there is no structured education system available for SEO.  The industry thrives on knowledge that has been derived from sources that do not have any authenticity. This leads to a situation when tools are used as short cuts like calculators without understanding the basic arithmetic that lies under it. Introduction of standard will encourage structured learning that would lead to better performance.
  • Data portability – It will become easy to transfer data between different platforms and tools that will make systems more flexible and give more convenience to users.
  • Compliance with Google – By introducing standards, it will be ensured that all SEO tools are developed by taking the Google guidelines into consideration. This would give more accurate results.
  • Set of minimum features – Standards would ensure that all tools are provided with the basic minimum features, which are often missing now.

Creating viable standards is the only way to ensure that SEO performances are evaluated authentically no matter which tool is used.

About the author: Derek Iwasiuk is heading a leading company in Minneapolis that offers SEO services. Having an inclination for sharing information with others and helping people to get educated in SEO matters, Derek keeps blogging on various topics. For anything that you want to know you can reach him on Twitter @Diwasiuk.

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