Published On: Wed, Dec 11th, 2019

How Has The Mining Industry Changed In The Last Few Years?

The mining industry as a deep-rooted past all over the world with hundreds of people working to extract tonnes of raw material, this is one of the last industries to welcome technological advancements into its daily operations. In this article, we will be looking into how the mining industry has changed for the better in the last few years. 

Many Technological Changes 

Since the boom of the mining industry between the years of 2004- 2012, the industry transformed. With new technology being invented even to this day and new machinery such as a Sandvik stationary jaw crusher is a key component when it came to the extraction of raw material, this was the start of the mining industry-changing forever. As this continued to evolve into the machinery that we see in the present day, the industry slowly began to use other technologies such as automated vehicles to improve health and safety. 

Eco-Friendly Options 

In addition to automated technology such as this, there are a number of eco-friendly developments that have been made. With a number of emerging technologies revolutionising the industry as a whole such as electrolysis for copper extraction, the industry is finding eco-friendly ways of extracting hard to reach minerals from the ground with as little environmental impact as possible. Though the mining industry still has a long way to go before becoming completely environmentally friendly, this is a step in the right direction to helping lover carbon emissions as a result. 

Increased Efficiency 

Though an eco-friendly approach to the mining process is important, it is also important to look at the efficiency. With a number of machines running around the clock, reducing the amount of energy that is used as well as the downtime will help to ensure the newfound efficiency is put to good use. With this in mind, a machine that is broken or damaged in any way can rescue the efficiency of operation and put it behind schedule. However, this has been improved by companies that provide next day delivery as well as the addition of 3d printing as companies are able to craft replacement pieces from 3D printing to keep the machines operating as they should be. 

Increased Timeframes 

The final way that the mining industry changed is faster time frames. With more raw material than ever before as well as the time of shipment, the industry has sped up dramatically in order to meet supply and demand. With machines mining more raw material and other machines processing the materials, the industry has become more efficient with the extraction time is significantly faster than before. This is great for a number of other industries such as the automotive industry as they are then able to supply more units.

Regardless of your stance on the mining industry and its current operations, there is no denying that the process of extracting raw material has certainly streamlined and the mining industry has evolved in order to keep up with supply and demand. 

Author: Rebecca Willis

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