Published On: Wed, Nov 27th, 2019

How Has Technology Helped To Limit The Effects Of Hair Loss?

Hair loss is something that hundreds of us go through on a regular basis and can be down to a whole number of variables such as stress, lack of sleep and even diet. But how can technology be the answer when it comes to limiting the effects? In this article, we will be providing insight into how technology has helped to limit hair loss in recent years. 

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At-Home Light Therapy Treatments 

One of the biggest ways that technology has helped to limit the effect of hair loss is through the use of at-home light therapy treatments. With a number of light therapy options in the form of helmets and even baseball caps, 20- 30 minutes per day can be enough to help reduce hair loss and stimulate the follicles to grow new hair as a result. Though these headsets are not on the cheap side, this is a treatment for those that are looking for a new way to stimulate growth. 

The Development Of Cosmetic Treatments 

In addition to at-home light therapy, it is important to note that technology around hair transplants and other cosmetic procedures are changing massively. This is not only helping to lower the hair transplant Istanbul cost, but it has also helped to provide brand new treatments to help eliminate the signs of hair loss over time. With the improved cost and increase in the number of treatments available, there have then been more people than ever before applying for these styles of treatments making this a popular choice for those dealing with hair loss of any kind. 

At Home Caffeine Shampoos 

If you are looking for a way to rejuvenate hair follicles without an invasive procedure, then a caffeine shampoo could be the perfect option. With caffeine embedded in the shampoo, this then causes accelerated growth of follicles and keeps your hair growth for much longer. This is great for those that are experiencing the early signs of hair loss as it then begins to encourage the hair to grow without causing any scarring in the scalp, making this the perfect short-term solution to try.  

Laser Hair Comb Treatments 

The final way that you can limit the effects of hair loss is through a laser comb. This at-home treatment is a technological masterpiece that combines clinic style treatments in a compact device for at-home use. To get the best possible results from this style of treatment it is recommended that you use this for 30 minutes per day as this will stimulate the follicle to grow healthy-looking hair in no time at all without using any harsh chemicals on the hair. This is key to growing healthy hair as this will not need any healing time and is specially designed to not leave any sensitivity behind. 

Whether you are looking to use technology to your advantage with a state of the art medical procedure, or you are looking to combine technology and hair growth in an at-home treatment, this can all help to limit the effect of hair loss and promote healthy hair growth in the long term. 

Author: Rebecca Davis

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