Published On: Thu, Oct 3rd, 2019

How do you market your business in a foreign country?

So, you’ve finally decided it’s time to show your business and some of your products to the world. Beyond the shores of your home country, you want the world to have a taste of what you have to offer. Well, in this era of global e-commerce, why not? But there are always some deterministic factors to consider like your source of funding, ability to market and promote your business in a foreign country, ability to secure transport documents, such as ETIAS EU (if you are moving into a European country), and most importantly, your escape plan in case things go south. Indeed, there are some great sources of revenue in foreign countries, particularly those that have a rapidly expanding economy. However, promoting and marketing your business in another man’s land is no easy task at all, and sometimes, the quality of your marketing strategy could make or mar your foreign expansion goals. In that light, here are some key marketing strategies to help you get started on your foreign adventures.

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Research prevailing market

First and foremost, you need to be sure that there is indeed a market for you in the country you are targeting. If possible, travel down to the target country to experience things for yourself first-hand. While in the country, study their existing level of digitalization, enlist advice from natives of any country, and find out which marketing strategy works best and why. Chances are the strategies that work well in your native country might fail in a foreign country. 

Check out search engines

While Google is, no doubt, popular everywhere, it is still not the only search engine out there in the world. So as a business owner planning to move into another country, the onus is on you to find out about the rudiments of any search engine popular in your target country. SEO may be a bit different in your target country, so it would pay to find a local SEO expert to walk you through the key strategies or at least get one with wide coverage area like SEO Company Newcastle under Lyme.

Keyword mindfulness

While building your foreign websites, blogs, and general foreign social presence, always bear in mind that products/services in another country may not be searched for using an exact translation of the keywords that work in your native language. This tip is an essential part of your local SEO, and it is crucial if your target audience is to find you. 

Website localization

For your foreign audience to locate you, you must employ the use of some digital marketing strategies like website translation, localization, and uniqueness. Therefore, it is imperative that you commit all your digital marketing efforts into the hands of professionals, trusted translation services, and if possible natives of the target country. Keep in mind that there is more to website localization than text translation and visual editing. There are some cultural aspects that only a native can understand. For instance, an owl in the U.S. typifies wisdom, but in other countries, it signals otherwise.

Choose a unique domain name

As a general rule, always consider buying a Country Code top-level domain name. For instance, while the “.Com” domain name works perfectly well in the U.S.; you are better off using a “.co.uk” in the U.K. if you want to attract the right audience.

Develop a network of influencers

By now, you are probably aware of all the perks that come with working with an influencer. So if you want your foreign business to reach your target height on time, then, you need to grow a network of influencers in the country you are targeting to work with. Just getting an influencer to mention you in a post, like your posts, or talk about you on their show is enough to announce your business to many of the residents in your target country.

Use local social media

Even if Facebook is not the most popular social network in your target country, you can still use social media to connect with your target audiences. All you have to do is find out about the leading social networks in your target country, create and develop accounts on them, follow, like, and curate relevant content on them, and in no time, the locals of the target country will start noticing you.

Develop an email marketing list

Starting with your first foreign customer, you can create an email marketing list to keep existing customers and attract potential customers. Offer discounts, special offers, referral bonuses to your customers in exchange for sharing their emails with you.

Awesome customer service

While all the tips mentioned above will, no doubt, draw customers to your business, your customer relation service is what will either keep them or chase them. So to ensure that your business is in safe hands, it is recommended that you employ a native of that country to attend to customer queries, complaints, and requests.

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