Published On: Fri, Jul 12th, 2019

How Do I Drop a Voicemail?

The world of sales and marketing is changing fast, and keeping up means learning what old tactics still work and leveraging the power of newer tactics.

The voicemail drop was invented to do just that. Calls still work in marketing, but changes in technology demand changes in the way you make those calls. 

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Understanding ringless voicemail

With ringless voicemail, you don’t have to make a call to leave a message. Instead, special software allows you to pre-record a message and deliver it directly to voicemail boxes through the phone carrier’s own voicemail infrastructure.

People respond to voicemails, and they are highly unlikely to erase one without listening to it first. Even people who might normally hang up on a cold call will usually listen to a “cold call voicemail”. If you craft your voicemail messages well, you are more likely to get a call back.

How do I drop a voicemail?

Ringless voicemail drops are simple when you have the right software. On your end, all you need to do is use a specific computer app to record your voicemail messages, upload the numbers, and then set the speed for how quickly you want your messages dropped. This makes it easy for you to craft more personalized messages for particular number groups.

The messages go through the back end of the carrier’s system and are then simply dropped into the voicemail box. Before the message gets dropped, the software checks that the provided number is compatible with the systems and ensures that none of the drops violate calling time restrictions.

The advantages of ringless voicemail

You are more likely to reach the person you want: As stated earlier, most people listen to their voicemails, and this gives you a better chance of getting through than with a live call. In fact, a lot of voicemail services automatically transcribe voicemails, so your lead may be reading your communication even if they don’t listen to it all.

You come across as thoughtful: Many people find live cold calls to be very annoying. If you happen to catch someone in the middle of a late lunch or early dinner, on their day off, or during a meeting, you may forever alienate a potential customer you were hoping to convert. Voicemail drops, on the other hand, don’t disturb anyone.

You reach out efficiently: You can send out voicemail drop messages at exponentially greater rates than agents could ever call. Ringless voicemail drops are highly cost effective, leveraging the power of traditional telemarketing but in a one-on-one way that personalizes the interaction.

How to make it work for you

Craft your messages well: A vague message is unlikely to get a call back, as is any message that wastes the listener’s valuable time. Make your messages clear, succinct, and very specific. The call to action should be easy to understand.

Target your calls effectively: A ringless message can still sound like a verbal form of a faceless email “blast” if you don’t target your audience effectively. Put your leads into groups united by common elements you can use to craft a more customized message.

Keep up with your metrics: As with any form of sales, you’ll get the most from your voicemail drops if you keep track of your metrics. What’s the delivery rate compared to other communication forms? How many responses are you getting, and are they the right kind? Are you getting any complaints, and what are they about?

These are important things to keep in mind, but the right voicemail at the right time could gain you new customers.

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