Published On: Sat, Aug 25th, 2018

How Consultants Are Finding New Opportunities In 2018 and Beyond

There have been some interesting lessons in the first half of this year. Industries all over have seen revolutions ranging from blockchain to 3d printing making massive strides in opportunities through their development.

Billionaires and millionaires have been made in the fast-growing and shapeshifting blockchain economy as an example, with everything from ICO advisors to blockchain developer teachers finding new chances for profit.  Not everyone that attempts to break into developing or established industries can do so with the proper knowledge to survive. This is where consultants and experts come in.

Beyond the titans, there is an opportunity for experts & consultants in a wide array of industries now more than ever.  All it comes down to is what individuals have decided to specialize in.

photo/ Gerd Altmann

Building A Brand In 2018

Building a brand is more important than ever, and experience and creativity both go hand in hand with succeeding in this new era of fast-moving developments and disastrous revelations. Brands are built and destroyed within a matter of minutes.

It takes more than putting together a well thought out plan to last, let alone leverage any attention into a durable growth-oriented brand.  

Image To Income

Image consultants have long had their influence but usually reserved only for higher echelon clients in standard media and entertainment, politics, or business. Now, image consultants or social media consultants are finding new life in being advisors for influencers and would be influencers to accrue followers and establish themselves as a self-made business.  

Many are working as consultants also for companies seeking to build “organic” campaigns that will connect with their target base either for awareness or a direct purpose.  With the Kylie Jenner appearing in Forbes magazine, the question isn’t a matter of its possible to make money off influencers, its a matter of what potential consultants could offer based on their background.

Specialized Skillsets

Beyond the more facetious levels of influencer marketing or digital marketing, the opportunity for positions such as optimization specialists and amazon seller consulting services are more prevalent. With more and more business relying on Amazon’s billion-dollar empire for connecting them with their potential client base, the more competitive the nature of the market gets.  Replication, copying, or lackluster effort is rewarded with swift cannabilization either by other sellers or by Amazon itself.

Amazon seller consultants for instance help revitalize the entire sales process from copy to order fulfillment and beyond. In some cases, they help source more reasonable products or simply evaluate what is working and what isn’t.  

Occasionally, consultants end up partnering with their clients for long-term projects beyond direct payouts in exchange for percentage or equity.  This is where long-term money is made, but it requires a level of financial stability that most find difficult when first starting out/attempting to move up.

With the freedom of interconnectedness to find and connect with key decision makers, its easier than ever for consultants to leverage their expertise into a profitable income.  Whether on a one by one client basis or as an agency, it’s easy to dive into entrepreneurship with better chances of succeeding.

Author: Adam Edmond

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