Published On: Wed, Jun 21st, 2017

How can we reduce water consumption in different industries?

Water scarcity is increasing constantly. There are countries, which are destroying and people who are dying because they do not have enough clean water to use. The situation in some areas is so bad that they do not even have unhygienic water so that they can clean it and use. Because of water shortage, food industry is also unable to produce enough food.  

In this situation, it is very important for those people who are getting water more than their requirement to do their best to save water. There are many industries, which are using a great amount of water, such as gas and oil industry, food industry and electricity plants. The oil and gas industry has the biggest requirement of water. These industries do not just consume water; they also waste a big amount of water on daily basis.

photo D. Sharon Pruitt from Hill Air Force Base, Utah, USA

There was a time when the world has many small and big natural resources of water but because of changes in climate, many of those resources have lost their water or the amount of water in those resources has decreased. Slowly and gradually world is losing these natural resources. The world need to take immediate steps to reduced the use of water in industries.

The water requirement is increasing as fast as the amount of available water is decreasing. Water is the biggest requirement in food industry and agriculture industry. It is a fact that the requirement of water in these industries is not so big but it is also a fact that without water these industries cannot run at all. Because of the lack of water, many industries have close down because lake of water is also causing lack of electricity. Because of that, people are not getting enough food to eat and that is causing poverty.

Oil and gas industries have taken an initiative in reducing their requirement of water. They are using water treatment systems to clean the discharged water and reuse it. This water is being known as produced water. Because of this system, these industries have decreased the amount of water they used to purchase. It is also important for people to make sure that they are not wasting any water anywhere. They should keep checking their water taps and pipelines to make sure that water is not leaking from anywhere and getting waste. There are also people who can guide people different ways to save water. There should also be programs to inform people about the increasing water scarcity and how they should save the water. Industries should also train their workers to make sure that they are not wasting water in any way. It is very important to start special awareness programs about the importance of water, not just big industries but in all the industries, whether they are small or big, because there are very limited industries, which do not require water. People living in can also play their part in saving water. They can reduce the amount of water they use daily, by closing the tabs when it is not necessary during baths. They can use less water for washing or they can limit the days for that. These are some very simple steps but can bring a very big change in the world.

There are many Industrial Water Treatment Companies, which are making water of different sources such as oceans, pond, and lake to make them hygienic and drinkable. These water treatments are removing salt, all kind of solid particles and impurities from the water so that people can drink it and use for making their food. Water is very important for all living creatures and without it, there won’t be any life so try to save as much water as possible.

Author: Anderson Lele

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