Published On: Fri, Nov 22nd, 2019

How Can I Protect My Body?

It’s important to know the precautions and measures you should take in ensuring that your body is best prepared for outward threats, especially during winter when cold and flu is rife. The following methods to protect your body are basic and positive lifestyle choices in any capacity, but they’re essential if you really want to equip your body in the best possible way. 

Build Your Defenses 

Your body needs to be equipped to react in the best way to protect itself should you fall victim to viruses and bacteria. The best way to protect your body is to ensure that your immune system is in top working order. IV treatments such as from www.resetiv.com can help in giving your immune system a boost in preparation for seasons of illness, especially during winter. 

photo/ Pete Linforth

Get Enough Rest, Eat Well and Stay Hydrated 

This routine is paramount for good health and optimizing your immune system. A body that is sleep-deprived and dehydrated will not be able to react well to any outward threat of bacteria or illness. A lack of a healthy routine and fulfillment of bad habits will leave your body completely vulnerable to falling ill, and will result in it taking longer for you to recover. 

Avoid Any Risks of Germs 

In order to better protect yourself, be aware of those around you. If a loved one has caught the common cold, it’s best to avoid them until their cold has cleared. If you notice particular coworkers have come down with an illness, or even if a fellow commuter is sneezing and coughing close by, then try and avoid too much contact to avoid the risk of germs reaching you. It’s best to remove yourself from any situation which may see your body at risk of infection. 

Stay Hygienic 

Unfortunately, even the above precaution won’t see you avoiding all germs. It may be that touching a public door handle or a railing that has been previously touched by an individual with a winter illness may see the spreading of germs. Your hands are the most important parts of your body to remain hygienic when it comes to germ spreading, due to the amount of unconscious touching you do, such as rubbing your face, touching your lips and rubbing your eyes. All these actions can spread the germs and increase the likelihood of you catching an illness.

It’s best to get into a routine of regularly washing your hands wherever possible, especially in the case of public locations. 

Get More Exercise and Maintain Good Fitness Levels

A good amount of fitness is paramount in strengthening your body to handle illness. The fitter and healthier you are, the more likely it will be that your body can protect itself. This also means maintaining a healthy weight, as often if you’re underweight and not receiving the nutrition you need, this leaves your body vulnerable, and you may find that your immune system isn’t working properly and you fall ill a lot easier than you would at a healthy weight. Understanding your recommended BMI can help you to tailor your routine to remain healthy.

Author: Carol Trehearn

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