Published On: Mon, Jan 20th, 2020

How Business Outsourcing Can Help You Achieve Your Growth Goals

There comes a time in almost all businesses where you need an extra set of hands. Whether it is in the finance, marketing or sales team – it’s an inevitable fact. The trouble is, you might not have a full-time salary lying around, and that might be more of a commitment than you want to extend at this point in your business journey. Business outsourcing can significantly help you achieve your growth goals, and it’s actually a lot easier to engage than you might originally think. This month, take those unattainable pressure off the shoulders of your stalwart staff and explore how you can remedy a problem with an outsourced solution. Let’s review why it’s needed and how to do it.

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No business operates at the same pace year-round

If there is a business that retains the same workload and pace every week all year – we’d like to see it. It’s simply not realistic, and yet your team are supposed to occupy themselves in quieter months and shift gears to achieve the impossible in those chaotic months. Using outsourced solutions like i3 Group as a payroll agency effectively bridges the gap in these busy periods, providing stability to your business and high standard output. Typically, when businesses experience the ease of a payroll agency, they continue to stay on board long-term, eliminating the need to go grow your payroll team. If you have an aggressive growth plan, this is an option you must be weighing up.

The ideal type of presence

Business outsourcing means feeling supported at any hour for any issue, without having to sacrifice previous office and desk space. For a new or mature business, this is worth calling out, as commercial leasing rate continues to grow despite the shift in working arrangements. Rather than redesigning your office plan to accommodate your new resource, enjoy the fact that you have a hard worker that doesn’t work onsite and can be working on your business from a remote location.

Financial flexibility

If you’re a business owner, the idea of financial flexibility might have you scratching your head, as so many decisions you make will typically hinder flexibility. Sound familiar? Deploying a business outsourcing solution will allow you to better manage your budget, without the hiring and vetting process that comes with employing an employee. If you have won a client on Thursday, you can have an outsourced professional ready to go on Monday, it really is that simple. This is the way the modern business is moving, so look at all options before you go down the same slow employee hiring route so that you are in the best financial position.

Leave nothing off the table

If you are pitching for a client and you don’t have the resources on hand to deliver the work if you are successful in the pitch, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be working for it. After all, you and your team cannot know and do it all. Outsourcing offers management a way to have all hands on deck to produce work so that opportunities do not pass them by. If you plan to grow your business, you need to be creative in earning your place at the table, so draw upon skill sets that you might not have yet to lock away future work. In essence, you are just pursuing the contractor route, simply without the retainer and restraints that come with.

The business landscape really is unrecognisable to what it once was. It is up to you to recognise what business model will be the vehicle to your success. Start planning how you will set about making these changes to secure long-term growth.

Author: Caitlyn Bell

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