Published On: Thu, Jan 17th, 2019

How AR and VR Will Shape Our Future

Augmented reality (AR) and Virtual reality (VR) have recently emerged as the revolutionary technologies that can boost the customer’s experience. They are helpful in closing the gap that separates them from interacting with their audience. Let’s look at how AR/VR will shape the future.

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  1. AR and VR will enhance the HR and Training

All businesses need to train their employees no matter what is the sector. VR helps to provide the training in a more engaging way and help employees to absorb the more information.  As an example, VR training can teach someone how to operate the machine in real time. This will help the employee to be more familiar when he first time operates the machine. AR and VR can make the streamline systems and selection makes quick and smarter. They are also effective in capability assessment of employees by screening out those who are not capable of handling stress and working pressure. AR and VR are useful in providing virtual tours to employees so that they know how the actual workday pans out. This will help the employees to make their mind and recruiters can choose the right fit for the business.

  1. Improve Brand Awareness

VR and AR are new channels to generate brand awareness as they can personalize the social media. They are also useful in sending the marketing campaigns on different platforms to communicate with the audience in a better way. They help in sharing the customer experience across various social media platforms. AR is effective in creating a better user experience, extending the geographical reach and enhancing the in-store experience. The best thing about AR and VR are they put the customer in the first place when it comes to increase brand awareness through technology and improve it strategically.  If you haven’t yet taken the VR development services, then it is time to plan for it to build the strong online presence of the brand.

  1. AR and VR Apps for Customer Convenience

The AR and VR apps are used for brand promotion through QR codes to disclose the product details and display suggested purchase providing exclusive discounts. VR based apps can enhance customer engagement with immersive experience with a 3D vision. This helps to improve customer satisfaction and brand loyalty and hence increase the conversion and profit. The best thing is one can try the outfits without actually waiting in the line of the dressing room and reposition to try different angles. This helps the customers to choose the right products and thus make the brand value. AR-based apps facilitate the business to show the relevant data of their products to the audience in real time. This helps to showcase the context based data that can earn the customer engagement.

  1.  Increase Customer Engagement

AR and VR have changed the ways on how customers interact with the retailers. There is a full view aided VR simulations which allows the customer to look at how their favorite brand will appear when used in the broader context. Hence they can browse a visual representation of the retail store from the convenience of their homes. VR and AR technology can also serve as an on-hand approach of presenting more facts to customers who want it. As an example, Glasses.com offers a virtual try-on app that permits clients to create virtual 3-d renderings of their faces. They are able to then evaluate a couple of glasses and sunshades aspect-via-side and share favorites with buddies and family via social media and email.

  1. Product Prototyping

With a competitive production industry, enhancing current products and developing new ones never get placed on hold. With the aid of integrating VR and AR numerous ranges of product development may be simplified and become more suitable. Product prototyping will soon be completely digitized through the implementation of VR in 3D. This state-of-the-art technology opens up many extraordinary options for businesses so that they can potentially save a lot of time while lowering the prices.

The Bottom Line

Even though the virtual and augmented realities have not ended up mainstream in advertising labs globally, very quickly those solutions will get their part in the advertising budget. They may seem to merge with different channels and can serve the audience by providing to them precisely what they need.

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