Published On: Wed, Jun 14th, 2017

How Apps Are Impacting Business Travel Right Now

Business travel is on the rise, and an increasing number of companies are sending employees across the country and the globe for work.

Some of the top destinations for business travel according to American Express Global Travel include Chicago, San Francisco, New York, London, Toronto and Mexico City.

With the rising popularity of business travel seeming to grow every year, there are plenty of trends and headlines highlighting what’s going on in the industry, and what’s influencing both travelers and the companies they work for.

Apps are a particularly big area of interest for business travelers, and according to news headlines, the following are some specific ways mobile tools are influencing how people travel for work.

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Expense Management

What used to be tough to manage and a point of contention among employees and their employers has now been streamlined and made efficient and easy thanks to the introduction of mobile expense management strategy tools.

Increasingly, businesses are looking to mobile platforms that allow their employees to capture receipts, create expense reports and submit them, integrate with booking tools, and make mobile payments all from their smartphone.

The ability to do this on a smartphone is particularly relevant right now, as the in-cabin laptop and tablet ban is becoming an increasingly prevalent issue for travelers.

Last-Minute Booking

In the past, if business travelers faced a sudden change of plans, such as an added meeting, or a last-minute trip, they were left scrambling for accommodations.

Now, however, mobile apps do the work for them. There are apps that let users find somewhere to stay and book last-minute hotel deals wherever they’re at, so it’s not only convenient but also saves on expenses.

Risk Management

Another trend making headlines in terms of business-specific travel apps involves risk management. There are a couple of different overarching risks impacting not just business travelers but all travelers, and these include data security and theft, and threats surrounding global terrorism.

There are increasingly new apps being introduced that allow travelers to protect their business data and keep personal and company information safe and protected, even when they’re traveling to high-risk areas for IT concerns.

Also, many companies are also starting to utilize apps that allow them to keep track of employees, which can be helpful if they’re going to high-risk locations.

A lot of these apps and newly introduced technology tools tend to use not only employee location monitoring, but also integrate elements of HR data to send out alerts to any employees that might be in the area.

For professional analysts who look at business travel and how technology impacts this area, there’s the anticipation that coming news headlines and developments will focus on automating more of the process and experience for travelers, including things like security scans and hotel check-ins.

They also believe there will be more done with big data in order to gauge individual travel plans, and employers will be able to integrate these developments into their corporate travel policy in a way that’s going to meet employee needs better and also save money.

Author: Carmelo Hannity

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