Published On: Mon, Dec 19th, 2016

How an ERP can Improve Your Staffing Strategy

The direct benefits of an ERP, like improvements in your supply chain management and enhancements to your business intelligence capabilities, have been written about widely. But once an ERP solution is put in place it has a wide-ranging impact on any kind of enterprise. And over time those impacts lead to a number of indirect and unexpected benefits.

Part of the reason that ERPs have become more or less essential components of IT is because they lead to positive developments in areas that the user never anticipated. One area that catches a lot of people by surprise is the effect of an ERP on staffing.

Once companies adapt their processes and workflows to take advantage of the capabilities of an ERP they discover that their relationship with their team members begins to evolve. And the way they retain and source talent in the future begins to evolve in kind.

Here are some of the improvements you can look forward to:

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Build the Team You Really Need

Since an ERP either automates or eliminates many of the tasks that you currently spend a lot of time and focus on, you begin to see your staff in a different light. You may realize that some of the members of your team only perform an administrative function that is no longer necessary. You may realize that other members of your team have a lot to offer besides just shuffling around numbers and files. Thanks to the efficiency and productivity gains created by an ERP you can shrink your staff to include only the most impactful players.

Take Advantage of Your Biggest Strengths

One of the best ways to retain your top talent and maximize their potential is to let them focus on interesting, important, varied, and engaging projects. Using an ERP to take the tedium and redundancy out of your workflows frees your talent up to utilize their core strengths. Your team values the work they do and takes pride in the direct impact it has on the company’s fortunes. You can improve your employee engagement efforts across the board simply by introducing the tools of an ERP.

Avoid Skill Gaps and Talent Shortages

An effective staffing strategy is all about having the right talent at just the right time. Unfortunately, the time and labor necessary for the average recruiting effort requires most companies to spend a lot of time playing catch up. Since an ERP gives you a top-down, all-encompassing perspective on a company, it becomes much easier to spot changes on the horizon. If adapting to those changes will require additional staff, companies can begin recruiting sooner and in a less competitive landscape. Since an ERP enables a proactive approach to staffing, the kinds of skill gaps and talent shortages that hold other enterprises back become much less of a challenge.

Transform Your IT Team

An ERP can take the place of multiple legacy technologies. And when you rely on cloud ERP software it eliminates the maintenance and monitoring burden created by in-house technologies. That frees up a lot of time and energy on your IT that you can then redirect towards projects and initiatives with actual revenue-generating potential. If you want to get more from your IT team, the right enterprise ERP system can have a transformative impact.

It is a mistake to discount the kind of effect an improved staffing strategy can have on a business. Talent is your biggest asset and arguably your biggest obstacle too. An ERP can help you minimize the investment you make in staffing while maximizing your return over the long run.

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