Published On: Wed, Jan 30th, 2019

How Air Conditioning Can Benefit Your Health and the Health of Your Loved Ones

There are many so-called ‘reports’ about the health risks associated with air conditioning, but the truth is that these reports are often exaggerated and mostly misinterpreted – or even untrue. The truth of the matter is that air conditioning can be quite beneficial to many of us, especially those who are suffering from respiratory issues or those who have problems with allergies. Besides, with more and more heat waves predicted to come in the next few years, air conditioning can certainly add to our comfort, not only in our offices and business establishments but in our homes as well. Traditionally, in countries such as the UK, air conditioning was not necessary for the home – but many homeowners are now opting for air conditioning for various reasons. Here’s how air conditioning can truly benefit your health – and the health of your loved ones.

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It can help with respiratory issues

Many people suffer from respiratory issues which include asthma. Asthma can be an unpleasant, once-in-a-while condition to something more life-threatening, and it affects people of all ages. But those who have asthma and other respiratory issues and allergies can find relief from their symptoms when they spend more time in an air-conditioned space or area since the air conditioning system can remove contaminants from the air and other pollutants which can lead to an attack. These include pollutants such as pollen and dust mites. Since the air is filtered by the air conditioning system, it is cleaner and purer, and asthma and allergy sufferers can literally breathe more easily.

A better, more consistent and comfortable temperature all round

Air conditioning contributes to a much better, more consistent and comfortable temperature all day, every day. We may not think too much about it but being in temperature that’s consistently too cold or too hot can have an effect on our health. If you are too warm or too cold, this can sap your energy, which can leave you feeling fatigued and can even affect your immune system. With air conditioning, you and your loved ones can benefit from a consistent and pleasant temperature all year round, helping keep you feeling good and comfortable. And when the summer months come, it’s torture to be in a hot building or home, and you can even be at risk of heat stroke. With the proper air conditioning system, however, the risk of heat stroke and exhaustion is all but eliminated.

No more issues with humidity
Humidity is an unseen culprit for different conditions, and we all feel it when there is too much moisture in the air, as confirmed by the Surrey air conditioning specialists from Sub-Cool-FM. If there is too much humidity in a room, for instance, it can be a breeding ground for potentially dangerous micro-organisms and bacteria, which can definitely lead to various illnesses. On the other hand, if the humidity level is too low, it can aggravate various skin conditions and it can also dry out a person’s sinuses. But air conditioning can help keep the humidity levels steady and balanced just as a matter of course.

Author: Joana Green

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